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  1. Confirmation to skip quests using gems

    Can we have a confirmation prompt when trying to skip quests using gems? I have wasted way too many gems by accidentally clicking on the skip button.
  2. I think its the same issue with all such...

    I think its the same issue with all such buildings. they all count as 1 less than the actual number. I have the same issue with Oil Mill, Oil Refinery, and Adventure bookbinder
  3. Oh! I guess I didn't notice it then.

    Oh! I guess I didn't notice it then.
  4. Adventure Bookbinder doesn't produce in the correct time

    I have 4 adventure bookbinders, so 1 codex should be generated in 1 day, however, it looks like it is producing as though I have only 3 bookbinders. This was working properly just before the...
  5. Thread: PFB lost

    by DarkKnightAnk

    PFB lost

    I had a friend place a pfb on my island last night. There was still one hour left on the previous pfb, but after the friend placed it, it showed the correct timer of 16.5 days. When I logged in this...
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    Sticky: An error detected in zone after issue with Bookbinder

    How did the error manifest itself?
    The error comes at login, saying "An error was detected in this zone. Please try again."

    Date and time - When did the problem occur?
    Happening since Sunday...
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