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  1. ok I have a request or suggestion about MMA and Event.

    I started play around the end of last year, and stopped playing after two months. on May I started playing again and realized I missed the most important event(I think so) . now I'm level45, and am...
  2. put message popup on other place

    pop and troop is a frenqyent check tab, now every message stays there for several seconds. Please move it to other place, e.g under the option tab.

    thanks dev for your great game.
  3. Hope to have some explaination on colony searching

    I've been continiously searching for large(tier 1) granite or titnium ore colony for a week now. Never found one. If I knew earlier the rate is possibily less than 2%, I wouldn't do it at all. But...
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    I got the same problem here. This quest should be...

    I got the same problem here. This quest should be finished long time ago. Maybe it's caused by skipping same of the camps. Could you please fix this for me?

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