As much as "throwing my men into battle" sounds, I am a bit more sauvy then that. Also, I would like a way to beat an opponent even if I am outnumbered. (If Hannibal could do it....)

Now, I understand this can be limited, since it is in the IE Window and it's limited memory.

You could possibly have a new structure you can build to handle various tactics, or give your general an experience meter, and as he levels up, acquires various abilities, or you can tweak his attack-defend stats.

I am thinking along the lines of making a checkboard pattern, and you can place groups of different soldiers in each "slot." Slide bar to determine number, or type in. You can arrange the troops in different formations to meet the enemy troops and their formation.

Units like Cavalry, though, would have special commands where they can charge a particular unit or flank the enemy position, attacking weaker troops in the rear.

The General has his own slot, and a bodyguard. He can be used in the fight, or protected.