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    Quote Originally Posted by Moolber View Post
    OK From a disscussion in Global we were discussing the lack of change n the guild market and aa number of people suggested that we be able to buy books in the guild market as a way of ussing those hard earned Guild coins... a Book fair. Personally I have more that I need for now but there are many players who always strugglee with getting books so it should be simple to add them as an option in Guild Tab inn Market

    OK to Elaborate further after some more discussion.... The idea would be to have a new building called a Book Fair which would operate similar to the adv bookbinder.. But instead of using all those different mixtures players could use guild coin to producee books.... NOT A BAD IDEA This could also be acheieved by adding an additional option to adv bookbinder to be able to make the books with guild coin thereby saving space on island...

    Feedback on this appreciated
    I like that idea. I would also like to see that once the guild market gets fixed, that they make it every 6 weeks that it changes. Then that way newer players have a better chance of being able to collect enough guild coin to get the building or specialist. Our guild is good in that those of us with too much GC, will often help the newer players get the good stuff like friary, Imp Silo, etc. But I'm betting not all guilds do

    Also suggest offering lower grade gens to the guild shop rotation. Stuff like Battle hardened, Big helmet, Grimm. Maybe even Drac etc. Just a not powerful 15 min gen that newer players can get so that they have a 15 min gen they can use for when invited to loot on adventures. In fact I would go as far as to suggest that there is always a low grade 15 min gen on offer in there. As a new player back in the day, I know I felt bad knowing I only had tavern generals that I could offer on loot spots. And for most players who have been playing a bit, won't bother with the generals from there unless they are a newer player or a player who just needs more warm 200 sac gen bodies. But as I say, it would give the new players a 15 min gen for when invited on loot spots

    Some more ideas for revamping the guild market

    Make it change every 6 weeks instead of like every 3-4 weeks or what ever it was before it became broken (not switching for months).

    Offer an extra row of items that is tailored to your level. One set of 3 items for those L50 & under. And the other set of items for those L51 & up.

    Items for those L50 & under could include specialists such as Battle hardened gen, Big Helmet Gen, Grimm Reaper Gen, Savage Scout, Jolly Geologist and maybe Versed Geologist. This would give newer players access to some more specialists early on. Esp brand new players. Could also include any other types of items that might be useful to newer players such as regular silos and watermills. The idea being that the items offered here for the L50 & unders, would be stuff that the L51 & up probably wouldn't care about or really need.

    And for the items for those L51 and up, might include things like Titanium and salt fill. Omni seeds, Fruits of Hardship etc. Items that are more useful to the higher level players.

    Another way to do it, is to just make one item slot of the nine be for either L50 & under or L51 & up depending on your level. And for the L50- it could be a basic specialist or reg watermill/silo. And you'd make it something like that which would be items that higher level players won't care about, but would be useful to lower level players. And for the L51+ make it items that is more useful to those players. Such as the higher level resource refillers, omni seeds or epic yard buffs
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    Can you make buildings like the concert hall stackable?

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