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Thread: Mine Regeneration

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    Mine Regeneration

    Is there a way to 'refill' a mine without spending gems? I've often had the problem of destroying a mine, but then not seeing a building license added to my cache once the building is gone, leaving me with no way to build a new mine if I'm out of permits (which is perpetually the case).

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    The building permits not refilling is an issue that has been filed in the Bug Reports section. When you demolish a mine you are supposed to get a permit back, that has not been happening. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

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    You will get the permits back from collapsed mines, but it may take a short time or a re-log for them to show up. To my knowledge, no permits have ever disappeared permanently because of mines.

    With that said, some adventures do have deposit refills akin to the gem-store versions as rewards (typically in the far right reward slot). The daily login reward also has some smaller deposit rewards (I've seen iron at least).

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