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Thread: Casual Crusaders Guild Recruitment

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    Casual Crusaders Guild Recruitment

    -*-Casual Crusaders-*-

    Casual Crusader’s is a guild aimed at creating an enjoyable gaming experience while utilizing Trade, Buffs, Adventures and Fun, in a beneficial environment.
    If you’re interested in joining a fun guild with experienced players dedicated making the game a more interactive experience then look no further. We hope to create an environment of Active Players who participate in easy going conversation as well as other guild benefits. The Casual Crusaders is a guild centered on support, and for this reason we ask our applicants to be a minimum level of 22 with a branch office in order to apply without a fee. Any hopefuls under 22 are still very much encouraged to apply. As stated previously our guild is centered on support, and we have members experienced and happy to help. However Self-Sufficiency is key in making our guild support system as strong as possible and will be taken into account pending acceptance. The Casual Crusaders Guild strives to have and maintain a respectful, enjoyable, and helpful environment and expects future members to live up to those values.
    1.  Active Players
    2.  Must have Branch Office
    3.  Minimum level of 22
    4.  Lower levels join with small contribution
    5.  Respectful, Helpful, Social
    Contact cooldog77, or BrusceWayne for membership details.
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    Hey guys. I believe bighitrols is in your guild? He's a reverse scammer.

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