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Thread: Farm Placement - An Informative Guide

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    Farm Placement - An Informative Guide

    alright after working out the best possible building layout to maximize efficiency, i said i would work on getting the data for farms. i believe that farms have the most variable production time due to the fact that they rely on player placed fields in order for them to do their work. after placing and blowing up several farms and fields, i have determined that the most efficient setup for an individual farm would be to place a field directly underneath the farm itself. this will decrease the amount of time needed for the worker to travel to the deposit and back. please take note that the storehouse is not placed in the picture because that just adds more variables.


    in order to maximize efficiency with your wheat production, you would have to place a farm next to a storehouse with a field underneath the farm. this setup however limits the overall efficiency of using your building licenses in the best possible way. use this data on how you see fit.

    link to best building setup:
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    I prefer a checkerboard approach. This allows several farms to access the same field. I do however replace the fields daily. Note the storehouse just above.

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