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Thread: Red X's/No daily log-in (Address before day ends)

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    Lightbulb Red X's/No daily log-in (Address before day ends)

    I do not miss a day. Ever. So don't bother asking.

    -Logged in today, which would have been the second day on the 3rd week playing.

    -The log-in box pops up like normal.

    -Instead of having pictures of the rewards on each of the 7 boxes inside the log-in bonus box, it shows red X's.

    -The second day is highlighted, as to signify that I would receive whatever it is, although I could not see what any of the bonuses were.

    -After pressing "OK", there was no mail.

    -I'd like this to be addressed before the day ends, as I WILL base my decision to stop playing because of such a small thing as not getting one of the bonuses.

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    Its Sunday, you will probably get an answer tomorrow. Did you submit a ticket from the Homepage? I have had good luck with that.

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