I enjoy playing the game alot, but have noticed some problems on various occasions.

1/ Recently I got rewarded 45 gems for continuous play, but when I put them in the Mayor's House and it said I was rewarded 45 gems nothing was given.

2/ I had 10 excess copper in my Star Menu, but when I put them in the Mayor's House I received 4 credits only! One of my industries may have simultaneously claimed one at the same time making the credit a total of 5 coppers, but I cannot believe nor have 6 industries that use copper and would need it all at the same time!

3/ One iron ore mine had a total of 550 ore inside, but when the mine was depleted my resources showed only 548 iron ore? I did not have any industry established that requires iron ore, so where did the other 2 ore go?

These are the glitches I caught so far so how many have gone unnoticed? Now I pay closer attention to everything!