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Thread: New Players Be Warned!

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    Cool New Players Be Warned!

    I recently found a problem which could ill effect your game if your not careful. Hardwood Sawmills and Hardwood Foresters we're not available!

    My Internet Explorer window had too many items/bars (main menu bar + google bar + AVG security bar + 1 more) on top which prevented the full menu in the Advanced Buildings menu of the game from being viewable. (It reduced the view size of my screen)

    To prevent this from happening to you either delete unwanted or unnecessary bars from your Internet Explorer window or play the game by hitting the arrow just below the Star Menu. This will minimize the bottom bar of the game with your friends/soon to be friends list.

    It wasn't until level 18 that I discovered Hardwood Foresters and Hardwood Sawmills we're available, so don't make the same mistake.

    Hope you find this tip useful and wish you good game time


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    All I can say is LOL.

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