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Thread: resource trading

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    resource trading

    two thing that i think would make our lives easier
    1. That you can trade higher amounts of resources at a time (ie.1000)
    2. You can click on which resource you're looking for and only show offers for that resource (this suggestion would make the game faster and easier to trade)

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    You know it wouldnt be so frustrating if this wasnt posted on the same forum page. I mean its right above your post. Anyways, taken from here (which is on this subforum) and cut and paste.

    New trade system
    We will be updating the trade system, making it more user friendly.

    The trade window will be removed from the regular chat window and get its own new space.
    In the future, you can trade more items at once, and all non-limited items can be traded. This includes self-produced buffs like the fish plates. Trading amounts will no longer limited to 400 units and it will be possible to place multiple offers on the market simultaneously. In addition, the new trade system will offer more filtering and selection options.

    This is a preview: The final design might differ!

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