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Thread: Buff mail spam

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    Buff mail spam

    I've been playing the game for a good month now, and managed to recruit a good friend of mine to join. It's become habit for us to try to buff each others buildings while the other is offline, that way when said person comes online, their mailbox is full of mail saying the other has buffed you.

    I was thinking that a compiled list of all the buildings that have been buffed, and with what, from who, which will pop up when you log in would be nifty. One list, compaired to the 51 messages, or more, every time I log in.

    I only have one friend so far on here, I can't imagine the people with more than that.

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    I second this wholeheartedly! I came to the forum to suggest this very thing. It would be super helpful if we could get a buff synopsis in the mail once a day, with a list of who buffed you, how many times, what buildings, and what buffs were used. I would really like the synopsis to include buffs received while offline AND ONLINE. I'm in a wonderful guild where we buff each other constantly, and it would be really helpful to know who buffed me while online if I happened to be afk at that moment, so that I can return the favor and thank the buffer. The synopsis would also help with buffs received while I'm offline, consolidating the information as well as helping with accuracy when I count the buffs/buff types I received and from whom. Please consider this suggestion in upcoming patches, and thank you for your time!
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