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Thread: [Ubi Official] Halloween Event 2012

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    [Ubi Official] Halloween Event 2012

    Trick or treat?

    You will be treated to some cool game features, including resources, buffs, decorations, and frightful buildings. There will also be no shortage of trickery during this spooky season, as you will be able to have a little fun with your friends with some special buffs. During the event, you will get an opportunity to get two permanent buildings and one permanent specialist: Silo (building), Village School (building), Grim Reaper (general).

    The Halloween event will be activated on October 18th during the maintenance and will finish on November 8th.The tab with Halloween items will be removed from the Shop two weeks after that on November 22nd.

    At the beginning of October the Halloween event will be implemented on the instance. Please keep in mind that the final version of the event may be different from the one available on our test server.

    Hallow’s Eve will soon be upon us, so everyone be sure to enjoy this awesome event! Grab your treat bag, put on your most frightening costume, and let the fun begin!

    Content available during Halloween!

    New Resource: Pumpkins
    This resource is tradable and is being displayed like any other resource in the warehouses.

    New Buff: Darkness
    This buff can be produced inside the provision house. It can be applied to any building and creates a larger darkness sphere around the building (overlapping the grid by one tile). It stops the production of the building. Play tricks on your friends!

    New Buff: A very strong light
    This buff can be produced in the provision house and removes the Darkness buff from any building and buffs the target building with a Productivity Buff.

    New buff: Zombie
    This item buffs production of any building by 3x for 3 hours.

    New buff: Mr. Meyers
    This item increases recruitment speed of the barracks by 4 for one hour.

    New buff: Frank and Stein
    This buff refills a marble deposit by 1000.

    New NPC: Eliot, the Pumpkin Master
    During the Halloween event, you will have a possibility to cooperate with a unique NPC. He will offer you several quests: if you manage to complete them, you will get additional pumpkins!

    New Specialist: The Grim Reaper!
    This is a specialist with the same values as the Master General, but with a different appearance. This specialist is limited to only one per player!

    New Building: Pumpkin Field
    This field produces the pumpkins as a resource over time. They are available in a limited number and variations in the shop. Only a limited number of fields can be placed; however, when you buff the fields, it can produce more!

    New Building: Silo
    This building replenishes wheat fields over time. More wheat will be replenished when upgraded. These are limited to 3 per player!

    New Decoration Items
    The shop will be stocked with a few new decorations including ruins and destroyed walls.

    New building: Village School
    The Village School will speed up the process of getting new settlers in your village.

    Game interface: Night
    As Halloween is a very spooky holiday, during this time your island will be covered in darkness!

    Music: new background music
    During the Halloween event, the background music (in game) will be replaced.

    New Graphics
    We will be changing our logo, website, and banners to have a more spooky feel during Halloween!

    If you would like to discuss this event, head here.
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