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Thread: Ore count in copper mines not decreasing

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    Ore count in copper mines not decreasing

    I noticed a bug today with my copper mines, I don't know if it is related to the recent server problems or not, and I don't recall having this issue before. I built them, they were buffed by a friend, and then I clicked them to upgrade to L2. About 30 minutes later, I happened to mouse-over my copper mines and noticed that they were still at the same ore count as when I had upgraded them, and I hadn't clicked on them since. I selected them with my cursor, and they were fine, the ore count started to tic down again. I don't know if I was getting ore in my storage during this half hour or not. After I selected the mines they began producing again. Has anyone else noticed this bug on their island?
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    thats something id keep to myself, at that point you essentially have endless copper mines... to me that would be a welcome bug... also check to make sure you dont have production stopped as the ZZZ could be just not appearing

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