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Thread: Your Test

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    Your Test

    You know i played on test well over 2 hrs (island of pirates takes well over) Filled out your (cough)survey.And for that i get told i can't fill a simple survey.It's a simple game(not rocket science) so don't blame your incompetiance on us!

    I don't really care about the prizes (gifts)

    But for you to basicly tell me i'm to stupid to fill out a simple questionaire that's another thing entirely.

    So keep your hut/gems But don't expect me to participate in another...test

    why not simply say (we've given all we can afford so you ain't getting any)would have been closer to truth!

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    You are not stupid, and no employee ever called you stupid. I apologize if you feel this is the case. If the survey did in fact error out, I apologize for that as well.
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