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Thread: [Ubi Official] Pirate Hut Reward

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    [Ubi Official] Pirate Hut Reward

    Hello there, everyone!

    After some more investigation, we have determined that due to the significant issues we experienced with the survey, everyone who logged into the test server during the event will be receiving the reward for completing the survey (200 gems and the Pirate Hut). This means that if you got the mail with 50 gems, you will be receiving a second one later on with the hut. We don't have an exact time yet on when this will happen, and ask that you please be patient with us while we work on getting it implemented, but it will definitely be coming your way.

    On a quick related note, we are also aware that there are some significant issues with Pirate Huts disappearing. This is something the dev team is actively investigating right now and we will update you all with more information as soon as it is available.

    I'd like to thank you all again for your patience and help with this test server event. It gave us some great feedback and will go far in helping shape the game into something even better for you all!
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