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Thread: [Ubi Official] Christmas Event 2012

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    [Ubi Official] Christmas Event 2012

    Soft white flakes drift from the sky, gently landing on a bed of fluffy snow. Settlers bustle around the village as they prepare for the upcoming Christmas Event. Santa Claus is a revered toymaker without match, but even he can't keep up with the sheer number of children who await his presents this year! Perhaps he'll ask you for some help?

    Rocking horses need tails, and jack-in-the-boxes need their boxes! How will a special dolly feel beautiful without long yarn hair? A bouncing ball without air cannot bounce at all. Thousands of Settler children wait for their wrapped gifts, but Santa cannot do all this alone. For those of you who are brave and strong, a special adventure will be available for you to help save Christmas!

    Christmas is a time for generosity and giving, and the shop will be filled with many amazing items and decorations to celebrate this time of year. Help Santa collect presents, and then trade them in for these wonderful things! There may even be an item that will allow you to control the weather, but be very, very careful with it. If it even exists.

    Start of the event: December 5th
    Event is slated to end: January 8th

    During the Christmas event everyone will have the opportunity to gain a special event resource: presents! They are trade-able and displayed in the store house with all your other resources. As usual, you will have many different ways to get them, including in-game quests and the Shop.

    For the duration of the event, we will be implementing a whole bunch of Christmas-related daily quests. In total, there will be more than 20 different daily quests that you will have access to. These daily quests will be split into following level ranges: 10-17, 18-25, 26-35 and 35-50.

    The event will introduce a brand new building to the game, Deerstalker Hut (seen above)! This special building produces unlimited meat without consuming any resources or deposits. Merry Christmas, indeed!

    For those of you who missed the Recycling Facility last year, this is your chance! This special building produces unlimited coal without consuming any resources or deposits. Since it is Christmas, we are so happy to announce that players who managed to snag a Recycling Facility last year with presents will be able to get another one!!

    This event will bring a lot of interesting and unique buffs to the game. Here is a short summary of what you can expect:

    A Million Snowflakes

    Effect: after using this buff, your home-island will be covered in snow!

    Solar Flare

    Effect: after using this buff, snow on your home-island will melt down (removes snow effect).

    Christmas Feast

    Effect: increases population growth by 6x for 2 hours.


    Effect: increases the production of the work yard by 3x for 32 hours.

    Fermentation Accelerator

    Effect: increases the production of brewery by 4x for 24 hours.

    On top of all these fun Christmas-themed buffs, the event will give you a possibility to gain snowy and fantastic decorations, including:

    Christmas tree
    A very nice Christmas tree which can be used to decorate your settlement!

    Sparkly Christmas tree
    If you would like some more sparkly decorations on your island, you'll be able to acquire this animated Christmas tree.

    Even if there is not enough snow outside, you will still have enough snow stored away to have a Snowman year-round!

    In addition to all this, you can convert marble and presents into granite, too – just visit your provision house!

    We also prepared a special Christmas adventure which will be available for all players level 26 and over. Play the adventure and stop the evil Croaker:

    If all this wasn't enough, Santa has helped us transform the game and graphics to be much more Christmasy. We've also prepared a special something for you, but the more information will follow soon!

    Ho ho ho, happy settling!

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