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Thread: [Ubi Official] The End of the World?

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    [Ubi Official] The End of the World?

    Last week, an old man appeared near the mayor's house and desperately wanted to speak with him. After some convincing, he was finally let in to speak with the island's leader. When he finally delivered his message, everyone was stunned into silence. The old man explained that a cult of dark Mayan priests had cursed the world in the past, and the only way to stop the curse is to send an army back in time to stop them. If they don't succeed, the world as we all know it will end.

    The generals were called together to form a plan, and now the people are ready to defend themselves from the past. To protect themselves from...

    The End of the World

    Event duration:
    December 10 - December 19

    This is a worldwide event in which every game world is pitted against the others in an epic battle to try and save their world! So how do we do this? Each server needs to complete a set number of the special event adventures in order to save the world. The required amount of completions depends on the number of active players on each particular server. The more players you have on your server, the more completions you will need. The number of required completions is a relative percentage, and so this way all game worlds have the same chance to win special rewards! Success will depend on your cooperation instead of how large your server is. The counting of completed adventures will start after the event has ended.

    Based on the percentage of completions for each server, all of its active players can earn some extra rewards. These rewards depend on the game world’s performance in the event:
    • 100% completed: Trophy (bronze), 75 Gems, 5 Marble refills.
    • 150% completed: Trophy (silver), 125 Gems, Artesian Well, The Nords, 5 Fruit baskets, 5 Iron refills.
    • 200% completed: Trophy (gold), 250 Gems, Artesian Well, Packed Wheatfield, The Nords, 10x Mother Tree Ritual.
    For example, if your game world manages to reach 155% of the required adventure completions at the end of the event, all active players will receive: Trophy (silver), 125 Gems, Artesian Well, The Nords, 5 Fruit baskets and 5 Iron refills.

    On top of all these awesome opportunities, there will be a worldwide competition between all the game worlds. The winners of these two additional goals will get even more rewards!
    • Reward for being the first game world to reach 100% completions.
      All active players on the first realm that to reach 100% of the required adventure completions will receive: 500 Gems, Pirate residence, Watermill, Silo, The Nords.
    • Reward for being the game world with the highest percentage of completions.
      At the end of the event, all active players on the server that reached the highest percentage will receive: 500 Gems, Pirate residence, Watermill, Silo, The Nords.
    Please keep in mind that all rewards will be sent out after the event is finished (on approx. December 21, 2012), as long as you managed to save your game world!
    Here are some pictures and descriptions of the new items your server can earn during this event:
    • Mayan Calendar Trophy (decoration)
      There are three versions of this decoration, depending on the goal reached by your server (gold, silver or bronze).
    • Mother Tree Ritual (buff)
      A special productivity buff to use on workshops. It increases output by 300% for 20 hours.
    • Pirate Residence (building)
      This is a residence building that will give you the capacity for an additional 50 Settlers. This is not an upgradeable building, but it will return to your Star Menu if you decided to demolish it.

    Progression Information
    On a daily basis, we will be providing you with updates about the current progress of each server. This way, you'll be able to see which game worlds are leading in the race for the two worldwide competition goals!

    Content in This Event
    A New Adventure
    • The new Adventure takes you back in time on your own island, to a time before your current settlement, when a ferocious Mayan-like cult inhabited the land. You have to cast out all the enemies to prevent them from cursing the world and conjuring the apocalypse on 12/21/2012!
    • This adventure can be played by users who have obtained at least level 26.
    • All players that have been active during the last 30 days will receive an in game message on Monday after the server restart (activation of the event). In this message, players level 26+ will get the adventure, while players level 1-25 will get 60 map fragments.
    • The adventure can be found by the explorer via adventure search.
    • It is also available in the shop for 60 map fragments or 75 gems.
    • The special adventure is trade-able as well.
    • The adventure can be played a couple of times.
    • It will award both experience and loot upon completion.
    New Enemy Units
    • The Tribesman - A fighter with ornate war painting and piercings.
    • The Shaman - A hideous ranged fighter that casts curses and spells, wearing an intimidating totem-like headdress.
    • The Jaguar Warrior - An elite warrior that attacks multiple foes at once and wears a jaguar helmet with a feather crest.
    New color scheme
    • The adventure map will use an event-exclusive color scheme, which helps set the mood for the end of the world. (Click for a more in depth shot!)

    The event starts on December 10th, which means that a server restart will be needed.

    In order to start the event we have some tasks that have to be done, which will require a short downtime. We will send an in game message to all players currently on at that time, as a warning. Please be on the lookout for this message! Part of this quick downtime will involve activating the counting and implementing additional adventures, and so all servers will need to be restarted. This has to be done worldwide and can be time consuming. In order to reduce the downtime, we will be closing and opening the game worlds one by one.

    Although some servers will be able to start earlier, the allotted amount of time counted will be the same on all game worlds. This way, there won’t be an advantage for any game world. We will be tracking starting times, durations and end times to ensure they are equal.

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