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Thread: Deck The Settlers Tree Winners!

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    Deck The Settlers Tree Winners!

    Our Deck The Settlers Tree contest was full of some really amazing entries. Thank you all for your submissions; it was a truly hard decision! Here are our ten contest winners:

    We were so impressed with all of the contest entries that Katealyst and I decided everyone should get something for their creativity! Congrats to the following winners for a participation bonus of 50 gems:
    • Lectos
    • Drayglor
    • caillier4
    • scaree
    • nicotine
    • quartex
    • Lily_Possum
    • AlternateID
    • acresgreen787
    • KingKurn
    • supermind
    • xango420
    • Beanrawr
    • Sentient_Pnutbtr
    • iiTz_Banana
    • iqf17
    • SamHatch
    • rd111
    • LadySilverDagger
    • Lawlcano
    • Skedoodle

    See you in game, and settle on!
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