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Thread: Forum Update & Guide Maker Program

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    Forum Update & Guide Maker Program

    Some of you may have noticed a change in the titles below your names on the forums! After some discussion with you guys in game, we have come up with a new title scheme that fits the Settlers universe a little better. Now we have more forum titles based on post count, as you can see below:
    • 0 - Peon
    • 1 - Recruit
    • 50 - Soldier
    • 100 - Settlers
    • 250 - Noble
    • 500 - Veteran General
    • 1,000 - Mayor
    In addition to this fun update, there is a new program we're going to be implementing. We have a great and robust Player Created Guides & Help section of our forum, where you guys educate fellow players by detailing adventures and giving advice. After watching how much of a boon this is to newer people, we wanted to start up a small program to aid in identifying those who are helpful. Players who have created multiple guides and are well-behaved on the forums will be receiving a new title: Settlers Guide.

    If there are any players you feel have given enough advice and created well-done adventure guides, we ask that you please nominate them for a title. You can do this by sending a PM to BB_meesherbeans, who will be happy to look over the nominations and award them if they qualify and their forum conduct is good. We are putting a guide limit of 5 to avoid over-saturation of the title, so if they haven't created at least 5 quality guides, we won't be able to award it.
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