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Thread: Quick Update From The Developers

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    Quick Update From The Developers

    Dear Settlers,

    We have some updates from the developers as to what they have been working on lately, and want to share them with you all! First off, we'd like to assure you that the development team has actively been focusing on bug fixes and implementing performance improvements.

    Fixes Needing to be Tested
    The next version (mid of February) will include several fixes. Some of the planned tasks are already done, but need to be tested before deploying them to our live servers. Among other issues being resolved, a timing issue will be fixed (e.g. that your geologist returns after the correct search time). Also, from time to time players cannot finish a main quest due to being too high level. This issue affects several quests, but it will be fixed in the update.

    Fixes in development
    We’re working on even more fixes, but please note that the below list is not exhaustive.
    • The member online display will be fixed. A previous workaround implemented earlier today has already solved the issue for some users.
    • An improved logging system will supply the developers with additional helpful data in regard to game and zone errors. An unlock script for locked zones will be activated tonight, which will unlock locked zones with minor issues. It runs on a regular basis every night around 02:00 CET. This means that some players who are currently affected by a locked zone will be able to play again after the script was executed.
    • A bug fix for guild quests that cannot be finished is in development, too.
    Test server
    We will be uploading a new version on the test server soon. If you would like to help test the first branch of fixes, please visit the test server and post your feedback in the official forum once the version has been deployed.

    Along with game fixes, improving game and server performance is one of our highest priorities. On the software side, a rework is in development. This will help reduce the load on the servers. While this will take some time to complete, its current progress looks very good. And meanwhile, on the hardware side, we've started installing additional servers on game worlds with high load.
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