Just thought I'd mention this in the help section because it seems my twitter feed is starting to look like a Settlers Online tips list.


I started it out as an experiment to see if I could come up with one short and sweet tip for TSO every day. So far I have 19 of them and only missed one sunday when I was away

I will keep going like this every day until I can't come up with any new tip. I'm trying hard not to repeat any of them but can't promise it won't happen in the future when I have a lot more tips.

If you see anything in there that is incorrect please let me know and I will promptly edit the tip. I want this information to be helpful and true.

Also it needs to be short since it's a tweet. If you need me to elaborate I could possibly link a Facebook post to it that explains a little more but my goal is to try to convey good tips in 140 characters or less without the need to explain fully.