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Thread: New Game Version Update!

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    New Game Version Update!

    The developers continue to be hard at work on enhancing and stabilizing the game.

    As we mentioned last week, the next version of the game will include several improvements, and right now we are planning to release the next version on the 21st of February.

    A new test version of this build will be deployed on tomorrow, January 25th. Please feel free to check out the current test phase status of the upcoming live version.

    Besides the fixes, the next version will contain a brand new mini adventure. Sneak peek here:

    The available items in the Guild Coin Tab in the Shop are going to be modified. Below is a quick look at the changes coming to the Guild Coin Tab:

    A major request from the community will be implemented as well! The chat box will have a Trade channel. A permanent tab will give you easy access to this new channel.
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