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Thread: New Player FAQ

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    New Player FAQ

    Are you new to The Settlers Online and have a few questions?
    You've come to the right place!

    New Player Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I go or who can I turn to when I have questions?
    - Contact our support team HERE!!

    How do I use the store?
    - In your user interface menu, the icon on the far right side is the shop. Just click it!

    How do I occupy a new sector?
    - Simply build a storage house in that sector! In order to unlock or clear a sector, you must defeat all enemy camps on that sector.

    Why are there some people with different color text in chat?
    - Usernames starting with BB_ and who have blue font while typing in any of the chat channels are part of the Blue Byte/Ubisoft team; they are community management, moderators, or developers.

    I have completely deforested my sector(s) and now there is no more wood… what should I do?
    - The buildings named “Foresters” replenish depleted forest.

    How can I build more housing for additional settlers?
    - There are two possibilities; you can either upgrade your housing or building more housing.

    What are those blue Z’s over my buildings?
    - Z’s appear over your building(s) when production has been manually stopped by you.

    What are those red exclamation points over my buildings?
    - Red exclamation points on your building indicate that you do not have enough resources or settlers needed for the production OR that you don’t have the resources needed to complete the building process. When you click on the building, it will display an overview of what exactly is missing in your production or what is needed to complete the building.

    How do I save my game?
    - No action is required to save the game; it saves automatically.

    So what happens to my game when I close my tab?
    - Time in the game carries on even when you are not there. Your settlers will work as long as there are resources and enough space in your storage.

    Do you have any questions or issues with the game?
    Contact our support staff!

    Are you stuck on an adventure? Need help with your production?
    Check out our guides!

    Have an awesome idea for the game?
    Tell us!

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    Thanks for a Update on the FAQS!!! WOOOOOOOT!

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