This thread is for frequently asked questions about the game.

Account Questions

How can I change my password?
- Go to “My Profile” on the front page and click on “Change password” HERE!

How can I change my avatar?
- Unfortunately, you cannot change your avatar in game.

How can I change the language of the game?
- Depending what server you register on will determine the language your game is in.

Chat Questions

How do I type in the chat?
- Simply click on the tab that you would like to chat in (Global, Help, Trade, or Guild). Once you've done so, beneath the chat there is an empty text box; simply click on it and start typing. When you are done, just press ‘Enter’!

Why is the text in the chat orange?
- Every time your in game name is mentioned, it will be shown as orange text. It also works when you type in your own name.

Are there any special commands that I can use in chat?
- Here is a short list of the most important and frequently used commands:
/help = displays all of the available commands
/join chat global-# = changes the global chat channel to that specified room
/w username = opens a whisper channel
/ignoreadd username = places said user on your ignore list
- Examples of the above commands:
/ignoreadd BB_xMISTY = adds this user to your ignore list
/ignoreremove BB_xMISTY = removes this user from your ignore list
/report BB_xMISTY Causing trouble in chat = reports this user to the admins because they were “causing trouble in chat”
What do I do if I’m being harassed in chat or on the forums?
- If someone is bothering you, please contact the moderators and admins via the “whisper” function, the report function, or by sending in a support ticket to our support team.

How can I add other users to my friends list?
- To add someone to your friends list, simply click the name of the other player in the chat and then click “Add friend”. If said person is not in the chat, you can click the “Add friend” button in your friends list and enter the desired name.

Game Questions

When can I start trading other players?
- At level 17, you unlock the “Trade Office” building. Once you build this, you are free to trade.

How can I establish a guild?
- At level 17, it is possible to make a guild. You must first build the guild building that accompanies it. The process of founding your own guild is as follows:
1. Build the branch office
2. Click the crest icon
3. Click “Found guild”
4. Enter the name, guild tag, and any additional information
5. Confirm your selections

Congratulations! You have now founded your first guild.

Can I change the speed of the game?
- You cannot change the speed of the game.

Map Questions

How many players are on my island?
- You are alone on your island, but you can have visitors who can buff your buildings for you.

What must I do when my mine is depleted?
- You can do one of two things; send out your Geologist to find new deposits or you can buy refills on deposits from the shop.

What do I do when my fish population is depleted?
- You can produce fishfood at your provision house, or buy it at the shop.

Will the border markings stay?
- Yes, they will stay. As you conquer and capture new sectors, they will change from red to blue.

Do I have to build roads? Or are those optional?
- Roads are absolutely optional. They are used to spice up your island and make it look awesome!

Military/Unit Questions

How can I make the fog disappear and how do I find those bandit camps?
- In your star menu, select your Explorer and use him to explore new sectors. Once he has finished his exploring, a new section of the map will then be revealed.

When can I start attacking bandit camps?
- At level 15 you can start building military to attack the camps.

What happens when my General walks through the bandit camp territory?
- Your General will attack the bandit camp unless the camp is already fighting another General. Take precaution as your General can be intercepted by another bandit camp (other than the one you targeted) if you are not careful.

Where can I buy a General?
- You can buy Generals in the Tavern with coins.

What happens when I attack a bandit camp with multiple Generals?
- The Generals are ‘queued’. This means, the General that arrives first is the first to fight. The other Generals wait until the fight is over and then the next one will attack.

Can my General die?
- At this moment your General cannot die. Although, he can be injured and will have to recover from battle.

Building Questions

How do I build on a newly captured sector?
- To claim a sector, you must build a storehouse on it.
NOTE: If you destroy your storehouses on that sector, ALL buildings in that sector will be destroyed!

What are Building Licenses?
- These are the building plots you have left. Be careful in deciding which building you construct as they will take away your licenses. Wells, farms plots and buildings purchased from the merchant are not counted toward your Building License count.

Do I get the resources back when I demolish a building?
- Yes, although it is not 100% of them. When you click to demolish a building, it will give you an overview of the resources that you will get back.

Do I get the Building Licenses back when I demolish a building or when a mine is depleted?
- Yes, in both cases the Building Licenses will be added back to your count.

What happens when my storage is full?
- When a resource becomes “full”, the production for that resource will stop. Always make sure you have enough capacity!

What happens when a farm plot has been depleted?
- Simply build a new one.

Can I rotate the buildings?
- Unfortunately, no; not at this moment.

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