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Thread: How Do I Build Population

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    How Do I Build Population

    The population icon in the upper left hand corner of my screen has been stuck on zero for a long time. I'm building residences all over the place; it has no effect. The settler families in the Star Menu don't help either. (I'm told there isn't room for them and I need to make more room for them in my storehouse. That's Greek to me.) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Population limit can be increased by building / upgrading residences, noble residences, white castles, witch towers, dark castles.

    Population can be increased by waiting (15 minutes / person), village schools, or provisioned / looted settlers from the star menu.

    Any settler working in a workyard cannot be dismissed to be recruited into the army.

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    I recommend u go to ur chest and purchase nobles from there as well as the max on village schools. If u can coin some.
    Keep in mind, for every noble u build from ur build menu-takes up a building permit. To avoid this, purchase them from Chest or
    thru Trade Office. You will be thankful later in the game.

    white castles, witch towers, dark castles
    - these u sometimes and buy thru Trade Office, or won via Adventures - see stats here:

    Re: Nobles - I wasn't ever told this, I built 30 - using build permits. I am still replacing them as I find Nobles avail in bulk...
    (slackyb I accept all friend requests, if u want to see).
    Good Luck!

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