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Thread: KTA is Recruiting

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    KTA is Recruiting

    All are welcome! Any age or level! Just send me a mail to join.
    1:Must remain active. 3-5 days without logging on will result in a kick. Unless you send a mail stating your reason for not being on before hand. If you are kicked and would like to return just let me know
    2:Must complete guild quests. Ask for help if you need any.
    3:Edit your guild note when you log on to the current date and update everyday. You get there by guild menu, members, and find you name, and click the blue pencil to type. Easy to forget though reminder is in guild message of the day. I know it's annoying but is a quick and fast way to check for in-actives.
    4:No drama. Keep your problems and drama out of the guild. We don't want to see it or hear about it.
    5:No ignoring mails sent by guild leader or officers(Elite Soldier)
    6:Help your fellow guild members when they need it, this includes resource trades and buffing, even if you don't think you have what they need ask them if there's anyway you can still help. Normally they will send buff and resources and just need you to drop a buff or send a trade. Do NOT IGNORE SOMEONE THAT NEEDS HELP!
    7:Talk in guild chat don't just play your own game without any others. Talk and interact. It's what guilds are for.
    Hope i didn't make you bored with the rules, send me a mail and join the guild

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    UPDATE: KnightDestroyer is no longer the leader of the guild, I am.
    *Being active is important, if you are not there it does hinder the guild quests. Please let me know if you are going to have a long absence (more than 3-5 days).
    *Guild Quests, yes do them as soon as possible. Not completing these hurts others by stopping the whole guild from getting the guild coins. Many members will help with almost any quest you could receive, just ask for help if needed.
    *If you are written by myself or an Elite it is probably important and should be responded to if a response is requested.
    *Be friendly and help your guild members when you can.

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