Well since my main server is offline, I will answer some questions.

We are currently stalled out in what is referred to as Version3 of the Raid Adventures aka Fairy Tale Adventures, at present time our server has been pulled offline. July25th, maintenance, was just fine.

Please refer to Feherlo's thread the one above Ron's right above this... Feherlo has posted Version2. Any of my Previous Postings to this thread were About Version1.
Version2 Every single change asked for was done, and even more. Keep in mind, I am a war player not farmer, therefore I will have not much knowledge on things of farming, expansions, new items, etc...

Mag Residence takes less room to plant and 500 pop
Transport Genl - 1000 troop transport
New Vet Genl - 270 (Major)
5 New Raid Adventures opened up to 3 player
Modifications of Loot.
Guild Control Panel- swap host, guild quests monitored, and more.
There are More, I am stopping here.