Hello there!

Are you interested in joining an active, mature, and tight-knit guild? [TIME] Time Lords just might be the one for you. We are a fairly small group of active daily high-level players, looking for new players to come grow and learn the game with us. There is no minimum level requirement, no cost to join, and absolutely no "fees". We are also, of course, happy to accept veteran players looking for a change from a current guild. Please see our guild description below to see if [TIME] sounds like a fit for you. If it is, please send an in-game mail to one of the officers for a brief interview.

Guild description:

-Guild Members are expected to play daily, Chat in Guild Chat, Complete Guild Quests, and help out Members in need. This Guild was founded on the general idea of "pay it forward" and we expect ALL members to adhere to this concept.

-LootSpots are GIVEN to Guild Members NOT SOLD to them. If you want to sell LS's, take them to Global. The same applies to resources as well. Resources and Items gifted from another Guildmate are NOT to be re-sold unless EXPRESSLY STATED BEFOREHAND.

-If you need help completing Guild Quests, ask in Guild Chat for help. If no one is around then send an Officer a mail.

-Most importantly, we are all here to have fun and be among friends. Be nice and support the Guild, and we will all get along just fine

-If you see one of your fellow TimeLords looking to swap Buffs but no one has responded, offer to place them for him/her. Its common courtesy and you never know when you may need them placed for you

-New Recruits should be referred to either Stalldor, Nondescription, or GordoM.