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Have your members post in their member notes the name of the Guild quest completed and the Date it was completed. That's the easy-mode way to work this.
Shure, and i have done it, but there are some players who are bad at tracking themselfs. better to be automated.

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How about a guild mail roll call?
Shure! ill let you work with 100 MEMBERS MAIL! Like comon, think! besides my mailbox being stuffed with adventures, players/friends asking me questions through mail, how am i going to keep track of 100 members through mail? Yes, there are spreadsheets that i could just copy/paste members mail, but am i going to really do that? should everyone with 100 members be forced to do that?

No. Automated checks would be much easier to deal with, and it gives leaders time to help members, not just wast time working with endless spreadsheets, Officers working the guild in 1/4's ect.