Dear Settlers!

There are two updates regarding the Halloween in-game event.

Halloween event extended by 1 week
Recently, most of our events always ended in two steps: Removal phase 1 and 2.
Removal phase 1 included the deactivation of the event features (e.g. no golems and no collectible pumpkins show up anymore).
With removal phase 2, the event shop category (items in exchange for event resources like pumpkins) was finally deactivated.

This time, removal phase 1 and 2 will be done at the same time.
As a result, you can play the entire Halloween event features 1 week longer until November 14th,
but with the final end of the event (November 14th) the pumpkin shop category will be removed as well.

Golem quest re-activation
Our support reports a lot of requests from players who cancelled the Halloween "Golem" quest who want to play the quest after the recent fix. In order to help all of you who deactivated the quest, the Golem quest will be re-activated for all players with the next maintenance on October 31st.

The re-activation is not a reset. Example: In case you defeated the first two golems and cancelled the quest, the next task after quest re-activation will be to destroy the third golem, but not the first one again.

Due to the merger of the deactivation phases 1 + 2 this time, you have one additional week to defeat the Golems.

Happy Spooky Settling,