Like another Halloween Golem respawning on our Islands the: ”0/10” “Server Zone crashed” “An error was detected on this zone. Please try again.” pop-ups have raised their ugly heads on our Zeus server again...

This happened twice today while attempting to load the map for my Home Zone Island. The second time seems to be permanent failure to load the Home Zone which occurred after attempting to rebuild my Golden Golem statue decoration and resulting in a condition where the zone could not be loaded – Server Zone crashed message, etc. ;(

This does seem to be an issue that intermittently affects some players on the Zeus server. The team is investigating the issue as I am typing to you. If you have any additional information about the issue that might assist us to isolate acause, we would love to hear from you in a support ticket.” – BB_Susurrously, Lead Game Master 10.18.13.

Yes normal cache maintenance, etc. and support tickets done for both occurrences...

However, here are a couple of my questions for forum discussion:

1) Realizing an understanding that different technical issues cause these errors to manifest themselves, why do the same types of errors keep reoccurring?

2) Isn’t there something that can be done to prevent these errors from happening?

3) Should there be a priority ticket status for these errors that prevent people, and paying Premium customers for that matter, from accessing The Settlers Online?