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Thread: Sovereign Brothers [SB] is Recruiting Players

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    Sovereign Brothers [SB] is Recruiting Players

    Hello Everyone,

    Sovereign Brothers [SB] is recruiting both new and veteran players to the game of TSO to join our guild. There are no level requirements and all we ask is that you be active and ask for help when needed and help those in need when you are capable to do so. We have officers who are willing to sponsor lower level players to help get them on their feet and help show them the ropes of TSO.

    We complete most guild quests in 1-2 days and we hold a lottery every week where you can win anything from gold coins to adventures to decorations and we have trivia night every Friday night for gold coins. We also have special games we like to play from time to time to keep everyone active and interested with any possibility of prizes as well.

    If you are interested in joining or have any additional questions feel free to mail or whisper me in game or reply to this post.

    Thank you.

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    Sovereign Brothers [SB] was founded as an expanded Empire to the Brotherhood [BH]. SB is one of many Brotherhood sister guilds. SB, however, has a solid objective. The guild will remain a tight knit group of highly active members that enjoy playing the game and love comradery. SB members have strict adherence to help one another, be respectful and follow simple guild policies. We are very active in GUILD QUESTS. We are a guild quest guild. SB takes care of their own. All members enjoy the massive support they get. SB is formed to be an elite guild, less numbers, more attention, high activity and great game play. Learn from some of the best and get the best support.


    ** Guild Quest Completed since 3/1/14: 69
    ** Guild Coins Collected since 3/1/14: 7176
    ** Minimum estimated Guild Coins collected up to 3/1/14: 20,000 (Based on lowest level). As much as 25,000 plus based high level players.

    **2014 World Cup Event: 1000 Soccer Balls donated as gift to players thus far.
    **2014 Easter Event: Guild pooled enough eggs to distribute enough to purchase at least 5 veteran generals for members that did not have one.
    **2014 Spring Scavenger Hunt: Awarded more than 25,000 gold coin worth of goods and gold coin currency.

    **Guild Lotto Game: Nearly 2 years and going. Distribute on average 350 gold coin per week to winners and more than 70,000 amount in resources per week.

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