Good evening!

If you come across the unfortunate incident where something has gone terribly wrong, like getting locked out of your zone in the middle of an epic adventure, and you want to contact support to help fix the issue here is what you do: (Just an example above, this is for any issue that needs support)

Below I have created several tips and tricks to get you in contact with someone who can help!

Contact Support using the Help and Support page:
  1. Login to The Settlers Online website.

  2. Once you've successfully logged in please click "Help/Support"

  3. You should now be at our Help/Support and FAQ page. To contact support click the "+" next to "Contact Form >" or click the text to open the contact form.

  4. You can contact our support team using this form, please fill out the message portion with as much information as possible to help us resolve your issue faster and with more accuracy.

Now as we all know life is never this simple so below are some incidents where things don't go as planned above and you need to contact support another way.

If you are receiving any of these issues please continue reading for emails to contact:

Unable to view Support Form

If your support form looks like this, you will need to contact us using the appropriate email below. Please be sure to contact the correct email with your situation and you must include the following:
  1. Subject of your email
  2. Email Address associated with your game account
  3. Username
  4. Server
  5. Detailed description of your issue
  6. Any screen shots or images that may help explain your issue better
Please send the above information via email to one of the corresponding emails below:
***Note: Please be sure to select the correct email to ensure your ticket is filed properly and you receive the optimal response time.***

Account Support - If you're experiencing any issues with your account email, username, password, or related issues.

Harassment Support - If you're experiencing player(s) breaking the Code of Conduct or using derogatory or sexual content towards you or another player. (You may also use "/report <username> <reason>" Example: /report JohnDoe Spamming in Global-1. You can use this feature to report players in-game to an available moderator.)

In-Game Support - If you're experiencing any issues in-game with scammers, bugs, glitches, adventures, zones, units, resources, etc.

Technical Support - If you're experiencing any issues accessing the game client, receive errors when loading, or any issues that prevent you from loading the game or website.

Payments & Billing Support - If you're experiencing any issues with gem packages, completing a purchase, requesting a refund, etc.