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Thread: Sneak Peek: Achievements

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    Sneak Peek: Achievements

    First insights: The upcoming Achievements system

    Sneak peeks contain brief information about upcoming game versions and may not reflect the final status of the content.
    After the game version is finalized, a corresponding developer's diary will be published.

    One of the upcoming version updates will introduce a new Achievements system. It will be published for the first time on the international test server this week, most likely on March 27th, 2014. Feel free to visit the test environment (link) to get a closer look and make sure to share your feedback in the forum of the test server!

    What can be expected from the Achievements system?
    Many achievements to unlock
    There will be 6 main categories of achievements: General, Economy, Military, Skills, Social, Adventure.
    Each main category will consist of multiple sub-categories with a large amount of achievements available.
    Most achievements will provide only achievement points, but some of them will also grant rewards.

    Interface adjustments
    An additional field will be added below your avatar to show your current amount of Achievement points.
    A special option called "Compare Achievements" will be added to the context menu, accessible by clicking on a friend's icon.
    When an achievement is unlocked, a special message will display next to your avatar.

    Ability to compare achievements
    An Achievement system without a comparison option would be boring, right?
    That's why you'll be able to compare your achievements to your friends' achievements!
    To show the comparison, simply select the corresponding option on the context menu.

    How to open the Achievements interface
    Just click on the field that shows your current amount of Achievements points.

    You can discuss this upcoming feature here.

    Happy settling!
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