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Thread: Clive's Cartography Challenge Winners

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    Clive's Cartography Challenge Winners

    Clive's Cartography Challenge has closed and the winners have been chosen! Please join me in congratulating the winners:

    First Place
    Atla_N boasts an island snatched from the primitive natives and turned into a profitable mercantile state. But all is not well - there are tales of adventurers disappearing in the nearby Cursed Hinterland. ((Link))

    Second Place
    TobaccoHater created an entire mountain of burnt bread. Makes for an easy platform for the next Happy Leader: Let them eat burnt bread!((Link))
    Glorgon shares beautiful maps of his home island, but leaves it up to the viewer's imagination how certain areas got their names. When visiting, be sure to visit Curmudgeonly Cornelius' Circus of Creepy Cadaverous Cretaceous Creatures and the Forbidden Land of the Dream Shaper Rabbits. But good luck getting a glimpse at the homes dotting the Rich Vain Hills. The denizens of the area really value their privacy. (Link)

    Third Place
    VictorMax created a highly-efficient island based on the best practices for production. If you're looking for copper, visit the Copper Vista. If marble's what you need, you're looking for Marble Gulch. ((Link))
    BushyBraw shares a story of a family of wayward travelers searching for a new home. (Link)
    John-Axe is the proud owner of "Misty Angles," a 9-hole golf course stretching across the island. While visiting, be sure to try your hand at holes such as "Encyclopedic Fade," built around the John-Axe Publishing Company and "Eternal Copse," featuring trees which refuse to be felled by any mere swing of an axe. (Link)
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