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Thread: Assassinate the Dark Brotherhood (1x MMA, 1x MG, 1x Assassin) Guide by ZBest

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    Assassinate the Dark Brotherhood (1x MMA, 1x MG, 1x Assassin) Guide by ZBest

    People keep talking of how useless the Assassin buff is now that the WPP was nerfed. With the new MMA, and this new buff, you can quickly do the DB adventure losing only 177 cavalry (833 cavalry savings over previous systems).

    Troops required: (for MG/MMA double attacks -- speed version)
    875R 15M 80S 3E 361C 299K 90A

    Max losses:
    875R 15M 31S 177C

    Start with a block: (Leader cheaper than camp)

    I opt to block sector 2 -- 2R more loss for a couple star coins.
    -- And start the 2-kill system:

    This leader isn't worth blocking. Just continue with the 2 killers:

    I kill this leader to give the LS sacrifice players somewhere to land.
    * If you prefer losing bowmen (107B) over soldiers (29R 31S) -- you can use: w1: 107B w2: 1E 269C
    * After launching the major, I start looking for my 177c MMA LS sacrifice (about 15 minutes until required):

    Clear out the way to the Witch Tower:

    The Witch Tower

    The old beast that used to kill 1000 cavalry. If we kill the Shadowsneakers and Firedancers (2x MMA + 177c), then we can Assassinate one of the remaining troops.

    w1: 1R (MMA)
    w2: 177c (MMA) *
    w3: Assassin *

    * Why not sell the LS with one of these attacks / sacrifices as part of the deal?

    If Assassin kills Spawns:
    w4: 90A 1E 1K
    * 90A required ... but with the 1E 1K (+ 1R, 1B, 1M, 1C, 1LB, 1S etc.) the tower destruction is faster

    If Assassin kills dervish:
    w4: 98R 15M 157K
    or w4: Volley of Arrows


    Additional options for WT:

    w1: 1R (MMA)
    w2: 1R (MMA)
    w3: 1R (MMA)
    w4: 1R (MMA)
    w5: 1R (MMA)
    (w5a: 1R (MMA) -- if required)
    w6: Assassin
    w7: Kill

    w1: 1R (MMA)
    62 Firedancer: 234c or 177c (MMA)
    61 Firedancer: 228c or 173c (MMA)
    w3: Assassin
    w4: Kill

    w1: 1R (MMA)
    w2: 1R (MMA)
    47 Firedancer: 180c or 121c (MMA)
    46 Firedancer: 174c or 119c (MMA)
    45 Firedancer: 170c or 117c (MMA)
    w4: Assassin
    w5: Kill

    w1: 1R (MMA)
    w2: 1R (MMA)
    w3: 1R (MMA)
    32 Firedancer: 123c or 67c (MMA)
    31 Firedancer: 120c or 63c (MMA)
    30 Firedancer: 116c or 59c (MMA)
    29 Firedancer: 112c or 55c (MMA)
    w5: Assassin
    w6: Kill

    (If you're willing to use a WPP 1/3rd of the time, you can eliminate the cavalry losses)
    w1: 1R (MMA)
    w2: Assassin
    If Assassin kills Spawn:
    w3: 16R 2E 166C 86A
    If Assassin kills Dervish:
    w3: 213R (MMA) or WPP
    w4: 98R 15M 157K (spawn) or 1E 229C (firedancer)
    If Assassin kills Firedancers:
    w3: WPP
    w4: Kill

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    thank you!right guide i 'm looking for,trying now.But what 's "kill"

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    That is referring to what is left in the camp and using the sim to figure out what troops you need for the rest...or prolly just looking up a few lines above where he's got the troops listed for Spawn left, DD left.

    Personally I don't rush my adventures so I turtle alot, thus doing 1R Ninja sacs and then using the Sin and just dealing with either Spawn or Dervish.

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    This assumes that you have an assasin. Not everyone does.

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