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Thread: Community Event: Football World Championships prediction league

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    Community Event: Football World Championships prediction league

    Predict the match results of this year's Football World Championship in Brazil and win sweet prizes for your game account ...

    Dear Settlers,

    Do you know anything about football? Actually, it doesn't matter! You can still participate in a special Community Event,
    have fun making your predictions, compete with others and win awesome rewards, even a gem pit!
    More than 125 rewards are looking for a winner to call their very own Details can be found below.

    How to win rewards?
    Brief summary of the Community Event

    1. Time span of the Community Event: June 10th - July 13th

    2. Visit the special event website to view the rules and details (site will be available until the end of July)

    3. A kicktipp account is needed as all calculations etc. will be processed by kicktipp (see FAQ)

    4. Predict match results for the chance to win rewards for your game account

    5. FAQ and some hints are can be found > right here <

    6. You can provide your feedback > here <

    The Community Event is related to football (or what some may call soccer) and the main objective is to predict the results
    of the matches. Will the game end up with 2:1, 3:0, a draw, or perhaps some other result?

    Depending on the accuracy of your predictions, you gain points that will improve your place in the ranking.
    Of course the higher you are in the ranking, the better! But additionally, there is also a chance to win prizes
    just by participation, not matter what your ranking may be ...

    There are also a few special questions that you will need to answer before the first match begins,
    otherwise you may lose the chance to gain additional points.
    These questions can be viewed here (at the bottom of the page).

    1. Visit the website and check the rules to join the prediction league.
      If you do not have a kicktipp account, you can easily create one on the event website:

      Important #1: If possible, please use the e-mail address that is assigned to your The Settlers Online profile.
      Important #2: If possible, please use the same nickname you're using in The Settlers Online (e.g. with a prefix "FR_").

    2. If you create a kicktipp account, a verification mail will be sent to you.
      Once the account has been activated, you can choose a nickname after login.
      From this moment on, you're a member of the prediction league.

    3. When the above steps are completed, click here, but make sure that you're logged in
      Now you can start to predict match results and answer bonus questions (e.g. "Which team will win group C?").
      You should see something like this:

      Part indicated in black: Switching between match-days,
      Part indicated in blue: Results (forecast) goes there.

      After providing answers, make sure to submit them.

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    FAQ - kicktipp

    This FAQ will provide additional help.
    The game rules of the official event website are not replaced by this FAQ.

    What is kicktipp?
    kicktipp is an external service that offers a solution for football prediction leagues.
    Their concept is used by a couple of companies and even by some football clubs.

    kicktipp doesn't support my language, what will I do?
    kicktipp supports a couple languages, but not all languages of "The Settlers Online" instances.
    In order to help all players who do not understand Dutch, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish,
    Community Managers have provided a forum post with translations for all languages not supported by kicktipp.

    Why is a kicktipp account needed?
    kicktipp allows us to offer a prediction league to all "The Settlers Online" players during the Football World Championship.
    The site calculates results even while matches are ongoing. This means you can even see your intermediary results.
    But as this is an external site that is (technicially) processing everything, you need to register at kicktipp (it's free).
    The kicktipp account creation can be done at the special event website: > here <

    I already have a kicktipp account. Do I need to create a new one?
    If your kicktipp account is connected to the same e-Mail address you're using in "The Settlers Online", you can use it.
    If not, please create a new kicktipp account using the same e-mail address connected to your TSO account.
    In case of Facebook connection, please try to use the same nickname for "The Settlers Online" and the prediction league.
    After the event -after all prizes have been provided- you can delete the kicktipp account easily if you want to (see below).

    I am not able create a kicktipp account.
    Make sure that you created a kicktipp account. You can do it here > here <
    A mandatory aspect of kicktipp registration is the verification of your e-Mail address (a verification mail will be sent by kicktipp).
    Afterwards, you can login and choose your nickname for our prediction league.
    Your credentials from "The Settlers Online" do not work on this site!

    My nickname is already taken. What should I do?
    This might happen, as all language versions of "The Settlers Online" are participating in this event.
    The same nickname can be used in different language versions (instances).
    Just use the prefix that indicates your language version, for example RU_Anton instead of Anton.

    What if I play in more than 1 language versions of "The Settlers Online":
    Am I allowed to join with more than 1 kicktipp account?
    In terms of fairness, each individual player may only participate once. For more details, please read the contest rules.
    Choose one account that will get the reward in case you win. Multi-accounters will be disqualified.

    How to leave the prediction league // how to delete a kicktipp account?
    It's quite easy to leave a prediction league. Same goes for the deletion of kicktipp accounts.
    Just go to "my profile" on the prediction event website (or on
    You can select all the prediction leagues you want to leave. In case there is not even one league participation left, your entire kicktipp account will be deleted (click screenshot to enlarge).

    I don't want to create kicktipp account. Can I participate anyway?
    We're sorry, but this is not possible.
    As mentioned before, kicktipp is providing the prediction league system and kicktipp is processing everything. Therefore a kicktipp account is mandatory for participation and leader board calculation. Please read the official contest rules if you want to know more details.

    FAQ - calculations

    I don't get how points are calculated. How does it work?
    Basically, it's quite simple. You gain points for correct results, for correct tendencies and for correct goal difference.
    For one match, points are not summed up -> you can get a maximum of 4 points per match prediction.
    • Correct result = 4 points
      A correct results means that you exactly predict the result.
      Example: You predict 4:2, the final result is 4:2.
      Same goes for ties. Example: You predict 3:3, the final result is 3:3.
    • Correct goal difference = 3 points
      A correct goal difference means that you were right about the winner.
      You don't match the exact result, but the discrepancy of goals is correct.
      Example: You predict 4:2, but the final result is 2:0 (Team A shot 2 goals more than Team B).
      Tie: Not counted here as a tie always has a difference of zero (1:1 or 4:4 or 7:7, ...).
    • Correct tendency = 2 points
      This means you are right about the winner // you are right it would be a tie, but you do not match the exact result.
      Example: You predict 4:2, but the final result is 3:2.
      Example for tie: You predict 3:3, but the final result is 0:0.
      As this is a World Championship, football league rules like winning at home or as a guest, do not comply here.
    • Correct answer to a bonus question = 4 points
      In addition there a couple of special bonus questions. For each correct answer you have the change to get 4 extra points.
      Important: All questions must be provided before the kickoff of the first match on Thursday, 4 PM EDT/ 1 PM PDT.

    What happens if there is extra time or even a penalty shootout: Which result is relevant?
    The final results that define the end of the match apply.
    Example (knockout stage after group stage): standard time = 1:1 // extra time = 3:3 // penalty shootout = 6:5
    6:5 is the relevant final result for score calculations.

    I was late and cannot predict some results anymore. What should I do?
    You can only predict results before a match starts, otherwise there would be a strategic advantage.
    A similar rules applies to the bonus questions. Answers must be provided before the first match started.
    If you are late, you cannot predict results anymore and you cannot gain the particular points anymore.
    But this is not a problem as all players have a chance to win something just by participation.
    Read more about > prizes here <


    1. Predict results before the respective matches start!
      You can add all match result predictions before the first match day already.
      Later you can still modify result predictions of all fixtures that haven't started yet.

    2. Don’t forget to answer the bonus questions before the first match starts!
      All bonus questions must be answered, before the World Championship starts.

    3. You can modify your time zone in "my profile" to see correct match schedules.

    4. You can activate an e-mail reminder functionality in "my profile".

    5. There is also a free kicktipp smartphone app you can use.

    6. You can easily check if you have predicted matches (click screenshot to enlarge).
      - Match predictions are indicated by placeholder lines (see blue frame).
      - Useful: Your account is highlighted in yellow when logged in.


    • You can check the prizes > here <

    • The announcement of winners might be delayed a couple of days for checks and item transfers.
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    As always, feedback and questions can be left in the following thread:

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    In this thread the winners will be presented.
    But first, a brief summary about the two reward groups (click picture to enlarge):

    Main prizes for total winners of the prediction league
    You gain points by making good match predictions and by providing correct answers to the additional bonus questions. More details about the point system are explained in the game rules of the official event site. At the end of the WC players with the highest score win. Ranks 1-3 are rewarded with main prizes. In case there are a couple of players with the same score, each winner will get the respective reward.
    1. Gem pit + 180 days premium
    2. Endless coppermine + 90 days premium
    3. 180 days premium

    Main prizes for total winners of the prediction league
    On top of the main rewards, each match day 5 participants will get nice prizes. They will be chosen randomly. The announcement of winners might be delayed for a few days, but the lottery will be done 25 times. In order to participate in this free lottery there is only one requirement: Predictions for this particular match day must have been provided. The current ranking doesn't matter.

    ...will be presented mid/end of July after prediction league ended.

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    Thanks to all participants!


    The World Championship in Brazil is over. Thanks to all participants of our prediction league event.
    The special event website will be deactivated mid of August.

    Some final facts:
    • Biggest kicktipp league ever
      With more than 40,000 users, the worldwide Community of "The Settlers Online"
      created the biggest prediction league kicktipp ever had in its entire history so far.

    • 128 prizes
      - 125 players received participation rewards
      - 3 players received the big main prizes for dominating the rankings

    • Forum Spotlight donation
      One user donated her Forum Spotlight reward to be used as a random participation gift for this Community Event.
      Congratulations to "GreaseBall", you are the lucky winner of 500 gems!
      Thanks to the donator for this nice gesture!

    • Rank 1: Overall winner
      Respect to the winners of main prizes.
      In the end it was very close, but with 171 points the prediction league Champion comes from France this year "Al_Chapone".
      - In 20% of all matches he predicted the precise result (4 points).
      - In 20% of all matches he predicted the correct goal difference (3 points).
      - In nearly 30% of all matches he predicted at least the correct tendency (2 points).

    The winner of the donated Forum Spotlight gems.

    Happy Settling!

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