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Thread: Multiple Improved Storehouses

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    Multiple Improved Storehouses

    Dear Settlers,

    There was a bug when completing the Summer Event calendar.

    The main reward (Improved Storehouse) was obtainable multiple times.
    Some players acquired 4 or more Improved Storehouses from the calendar, thus exploiting the bug to enrich their accounts.

    Since we want players to demonstrate Fair Play and respect the “Terms Of Use”, we ask all players who redeemed 4 or more Improved Storehouses to put them back into the Star menu. They will be deleted from the Star menu during the next maintenance on July 24th.

    Questions & Answers

    • Will I get banned if I acquired 4 or more Improved Storehouses?
      If you return all but one Improved Storehouses that were acquired on Saturday, July 12th, your account will not be banned.
    • I no longer have them, what can I do?
      It doesn't matter how you obtain the missing ones. You can buy them in the shop or trade for them.
      Friends can also help you out.
    • I'm still not able to get the required amount of Improved Storehouses back!
      Please contact Support immediately (Cheat & Hack category, subject: "Improved Storehouse Exploit").
    • I was on vacation and noticed the announcement too late, will I get banned?
      You received an in-game mail message. Please read it carefully, as it should explain everything.
      You will receive another message during the next maintenance.
    • Why are players allowed to keep 3 or less Improved Storehouses?
      We don't want to imply that every player who acquired 2 or 3 Improved Storehouses on that occasion used the bug on purpose.
      But we can be sure that every player who obtained 4 or more Improved Storehouses exploited the bug.
    • I still have questions, who can I contact about it?
      Please contact the Support team. Choose the category "Cheat & Hack" and write "Improved Storehouse Exploit" in the subject field.

    In the spirit of Fair Play we hope and expect that every affected player will return the Improved Storehouses to the Star menu. We will provide further information to affected players via an in-game mail message until the evening of Friday, 18th of July.

    Your "The Settlers Online" Team
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    Only Players who actively acquired more than three improved storehouses from the Calendar on Saturday, July 12th are affected. To abuse the bug, you had to actively hit the button, log out of the game and repeat the procedure.

    How many storehouses will be deleted?
    It depends on how many improved storehouses were acquired on Saturday, July 12th:
    - 1 storehouse: OK, no deletion
    - 2 storehouses: OK, no deletion
    - 3 storehouses: OK, no deletion
    - 4 storehouses: 3 will be deleted
    - 5 storehouses: 4 will be deleted
    You may keep one storehouse, even if you acquired four or more from the Calendar by abusing the bug.

    Why can some players keep three storehouses, but I can only keep one?
    The difference is between not using the bug and actively abusing it.
    There is no way to verify bug abuse up to three storehouses. The 2nd storehouse could have been a mistake and the 3rd a test, etc.

    In short, even if someone acquired only two additional storehouses, he or she might have done it with the best intentions, without the intention of abuse. From the 3rd additional storehouse on, we have to assume dishonest motives. That’s why we had to fix three as the limit.

    I get punished for a mistake made by Blue Byte, that’s not Fair Play!
    Returning all but one improved storehouse is what we can claim. That’s why players who didn’t abuse the bug may keep three storehouses because we cannot be sure that they actively abused the Calendar bug.

    There were a lot of bugs in this game already, and no one got punished before. Why now?
    Earlier bugs and players who abused them are under no consideration here. This callback is only because of the bug from Saturday, July 12th.

    The bug at the start of the event was much larger (the entire Calendar could be opened). Due to various issues, a callback of all resources gathered because of that bug will not be done. A single structure can be called back fairly easy and with a maximum of data security.

    At the beginning of the event there were limited floating residence and village school that could be acquired abusing a bug. Why don’t they get recalled??
    A callback of those will be checked, please be patient.

    I didn’t acquire as many storehouses from the Calendar as the in-game message claims. Now what?
    Considering that each storehouse is given with saving the time-stamp and the unique building-ID in the logs of the account, it should not be possible that the number of storehouses and saved data are different. Please contact the Support Team. Choose “Cheat and Hack” and subject “improved storehouse Exploit”.

    I only have four storehouses because I wanted to test. Why do I get punished?
    We have to insist on the return of three storehouses. If you reported the bug to our Support on July 12th, we can consider that there was not any intentional bug-abusing done.

    In this case, please contact the Support using “Cheat and Hack” with the subject “improved storehouse Exploit”. Send the original ticket number from your report as proof. However, three storehouses will still be deleted because it is an automated system. The Support-Team will find a solution for you.

    Why don’t you gift us the storehouses, it was your fault!
    Every storehouse that has been integrated into the game by mistake jumbles the balancing. Not only because those storehouses will be traded, but also with future events it will be worth a lot less. It is difficult to explain that some players may keep 10 storehouses while other players were honest and only have one or two.

    Why didn’t you disconnect the game when that bug occurred?
    This special bug could only be abused actively and on purpose. The storehouses did not fly on their own into your star menu multiple times. Disconnecting the game would leave a lot of players not able to play, maybe for the entire Saturday. Apart from that, there would have been other consequences, i.e. empty mines because the Island could not be taken care of, etc.
    The game will only be disconnected if game-data is in danger and about to be destroyed.

    Is there no better, individual solution?
    As described in the Forum and announcement, we had to find a way, not to punish mistakes, but to punish abuse.

    Quote from player:


    a really fair solution isn’t really possible.
    Some players abused the bug actively in order to receive more storehouses , some used it by mistake. I’m not sure myself if I clicked on that button in the morning and again in the noon. If the button was coloured again, one must think “I forgot to acquire it” (as long as you didn’t read about the bug).

    In my opinion, Ubi found a good solution with the limit of three storehouses. Somewhere has to be the limit. No one can claim a loss anyway!
    The player explained it perfectly, there is nothing to be added.

    Why is there not any information about what happens if I don’t return the storehouses?
    Please read your messages after maintenance (in-game). An automatically-transmitted message will inform you about further steps. In addition, the Support Team is available for you. Choose “Cheat and Hack” and subject “improved storehouse Exploit”. We will solve those problems 1:1 with each Player, and not in public, as usual.

    I am angry about … Blue Byte, Bug-Abuser, BB Community Manager, …!!?
    Please: Calm down, have a Coke. It doesn’t pay off to flame against other players or Blue Byte in the Forum and / or Chat. Even other comments, due to the Terms and Conditions, questions about legal effects, other bugs etc. will not be discussed in connection with the storehouse-problem. We are all humans and try to help each and every player. It’s hard considering the mass of tickets but especially angry and abusive commentary in the Feedback-Thread makes it even harder.

    I still have questions that could not be answered here. Who may I contact?
    Please contact the Support-Team using “Cheat and Hack” and subject “improved storehouse Exploit”.
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    Dear Settlers,

    A quick update on the situation is necessary.

    As a reminder, only players who actively acquired more than three improved storehouses from the Calendar on Saturday, July 12th and who did not return the correct amount of Improved Storehouses are affected. To abuse the bug, you had to actively hit the button, log out of the game and repeat the procedure.

    This week's maintenance is only connected to the second branch of messages, but NOT to the bans.

    The bans will be performed in a further step soon.

    Your "The Settlers Online" Team

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