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Thread: Combat Simulators

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    If it helps.. feel free to post your specific request (with details, like map, enemies, general and troops you have, what you want to sacrifice, what is your goal - Max rounds, Best attack etc etc) on following thread -

    If you don't mind waiting longer than usual, I have a sim (which is NOT a web app, hence cannot share), which has features, you may not find in any other sim out there..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droidhak View Post
    @dizney, if you're missing something obvious, then I have as well. I can't get that one to do multiple waves with all those waves doing the best attack selected. I wish it did. My trick is to just run the sim twice for an enemy camp, just deduct the enemy troops from the stated losses when you run the second wave (rd 1 with best attack selected, say you would kill 50 enemy militia, deduct those militia from the enemy camp number boxes, write down what your best army would be on that first round, run the sim again to find best army to kill off the camp, write down your army numbers for the second round, repeat if necessary for a third round). It's a time waster, but it will at least do what you want. This is my favorite sim, but yes, this part of it sometimes drives me batty!
    Here's what I do:

    Put in wave 1. Ii have to tell it what general I'm using and what troops I want to sacrifice for this wave.
    Click on the wave 2 button and tell it to find the best attack with the general I choose and troops I check to allow, along with any particular stipulations I want to specify and run the sim.

    I understand that this isn't what Dizneyguy wants (he'd like for it to tell him what's being sacrificed on wave 1 as well) but this is the most functionality I've gotten with multiple waves in the sim.

    I'd love to get that functionality, as well as some functionality that would tell us which general would work best. As more generals, with more widely varied abilities are being introduced, this is an increasingly relevant need.

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