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Thread: Known Game Issues - 3/11/2015

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    Exclamation Known Game Issues - 3/11/2015

    Update 03/11:
    Specialist Weeks have been disabled today, explorers and general travel are now working as expected.

    We are currently tracking several issues in game, and they have been referred to the development team. Updates on these issues will be given as soon as we have more information. Additional issues will be added to the list as they are identified. In the meantime, DON'T PANIC.

    1) Explorers are not returning with treasure / adventures, and are returning multiple times. In addition, these explorers cannot be sent out again.

    2) Generals are being shown as dying after being used on blocks, although the troops do not appear to be lost.

    3) Guilds are not getting guild quests issued.

    4) It is not possible to see the enemy troop content of special building camp in certain adventures. This includes witch towers and black castles.
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