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Thread: New players tips for finding the right guild

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    New players tips for finding the right guild

    Welcome to the Settlers online. As a new player you may notice that guilds play an big part of the game. Allot of people wonder how to know what kind of guild to join. Finding a new guild can be hard. While the basics for guilds are guild coins, guild markets, and a smaller group to bond with, membership in a guild is a worthwhile investment in your playing experience. What are guilds? In short guilds are a smaller group of players who communicate and play together regularly. This fosters friendships and opportunities to help each other out during events, starting out, and adventures. All guilds follow a similar structure although not all are named the same. For instance in my guild as leader my title is guild admin. Some just leave it at guild leader, or name them to go along with particular themes. The guild leaders are at the top of the guild and have the most privileges of any level player usually. The guild leaders usually appoint a group of people to help. Usually called officers. The guild leader and guild officers have access to a special chat room just to discuss guild business and ideas. Another part of being in a guild is about working together to earn achievements known as guild quests. Guild quests are the way to earn guild coin for use in the guild market where special items are available for purchase. The guild system is well designed but does have some complications, such as finding the right guild for you that can get a little tricky or hard in the vast number of guilds.

    As a new player the main thing to look for is a guild that first has experienced players, and second can guide you and help you learn how to get going on a solid footing in the game. While playing guilds can help you earn items faster, produce better economies, and even guide you through getting your army started. Those with a good reputation are easy to spot. The members get easily recognized in global or other tabs, and even take time to help you out if your in a pinch even if you are not in their guild. The ultimate thing to remember is to join a guild that fits your style of play. Every guild plays with unique styles. Not only will finding a good guild give you the help you need and fun while playing, but you will be able to turn around and help others get the same benefits. The settlers online is an ever growing and ever changing learning experience and some people really want to help you learn and have fun. How do you find a good guild for you? By looking, asking questions, and reading guild descriptions. Some guilds require daily attendance, some require you complete your guild quest very quickly, and some will even throw you out if you fail to do certain things. The keys to finding a good guild is finding what you want to do while you play. Is your playing style all about business and doing things just to get to the top, or is it merely to have fun and socialize? Or perhaps its somewhere in-between. The guild that will best suit you is the guild that plays like you.

    Guilds will from time to time post recruitment messages in the global chat, if your looking then feel free to whisper or mail that individual and ask questions. By asking questions ahead of time you can avoid the frustration of joining one guild at a time until you find the one for you. Guilds that are recruiting are actively seeking to invest in new players and help them and you grow. Finding a good guild and sticking with it will also enable you to develop bonds and friendships that can not only make the game more enjoyable but will also help make each other’s playing experience more productive and fun. So whether you need a training guild to start out and learn to build quality economic structure, or a guild that will quickly get you to the top, or a guild that will focus on military strategy the choice is up to you. But finding the right fit, will be worth it for getting the most out of the settlers online.
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