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Thread: which buildings are needed for which production?

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    which buildings are needed for which production?

    which buildings are needed for which production?

    tips tipex
    1 Follow the tutorial and do your quests 1 by 1, you will be provided during the tutorial of all the necessary resources,
    So do not go ahead of your quests, chances are that you can not continue.

    VERY IMPORTANT: lvl4 quest
    buildings necessary for this mission: 3 pinewood sawmills
    2 pinewood cutters
    3 pinewood foresters

    if this is not enough you can use a fish platter to boost these buildings to complete the mission
    when you have all the goals but you cannot complete the quest, then you will need to unbalans one of the goals by putting a building (for example the pinewood cutter) to sleep en wake it up afterwards to complete your quest (this counts for all similar quests)
    when you stop playing before this quest is completed, your storagecapacity of pinewood and planks will be at max capacity and you have to break down your tavern and rebuild it to lower the storage of these resources to continue playing and to grow in the game

    2 First ask in chat to be their friend, this is so polite and will be appreciated

    3 respect the functions of the various chats, if you don't follow them you give the moderators the right to give you a chatban
    Global chat: here you can talk about everything with eachother, considere the PEGI-7 rating in your conversations
    do not spam flood or any other inappropiate behavior, this can result into a chatban
    help chat: here you can ask questions about the game, you will be helped by experienced players who do this voluntarily, note that they play their game and not always respond immediately
    trade: only on this chat you can offer trades and have discussions about trading, here you can also get help in accomplishing your trade missions

    4 chat functions: typ / help for the possibilities
    Type /w username (spacebar) = With this feature you can whisper with players
    Type /joinchat global-X (X = number) = this you can go to one of the thirty chat rooms
    Type /find friend Name friend = this feature lets you find friends in the game (indicates the chat room they are at that time)
    Type /ignoreshow = to see your ignore list
    Type /ignoreadd username = add a player to your ignore list
    Type /ignoreremove username = remove a player from your ignore list
    Type /report username Reason = if a player doesn’t follows the rules you can comply by the moderators

    5 Economy Overview: This is a highly valued tool to put in the right buildings that you need to have your productions balanced and positive
    following production lines are only relationships that are viewed by production, economy overview takes into count the overall production and consumption of each building

    if you keep this in mind you could just place those buildings that you'll need according to your own functioning economy, this way you can save buildinglicences and invest in other necessary production to your own needs

    basic, intermediate and advanced buildings
    -------------------------------------------------- ----

    BUFFS (fish platter, solid sandwich, Aunt Irma's gift basket ...) ONLY INCREASES PRODUCTION, NOT THE CONSUMPTION

    * These buildings can produce self-sufficient thanks to a healthy economy.
    * Pinewood planks, stone and tools are the most important in the first stage of the game.
    With these materials, you can place the basic and intermediate buildings.
    * At the top left of your screen you will see a settlers head: there you can see how many settlers you have, when you get the next settler
    * Before you can build mines, you must find a deposit with your geologist,
    you can build mines over the deposit who are found. If the mine is depleted, it collapses and you get your settler and building licence back.
    You do not need to break down collapsed mines, so does your geologist when he finds a new deposit at the same place.
    * In the second stage of the game you'll need mostly hardwood planks and marble
    with this recources you can build your advanced buildings and you can upgrade your basic and intermediate buildings to lvl three.
    * If you break down buildings, you get a fourth of the materials back, this is interesting for expensive mines, so you put all mine fifth free


    pinewood forester (pine trees)

    2 pinewood cutters = 3 pinewood foresters (pinewood)

    4 pinewood sawmills= 2 pinewood cutters/ 3 pinewood foresters (pinewood planks)

    2 coking plants= 2 pinewood cutters/ 3 pinewood foresters(coal)

    coal mine (coal)

    2 bowmakers = 2 pinewood cutters/ 3 pinewood foresters (bows)

    hardwood forester (hardwood trees, deciduous trees on your island)

    2 hardwood cutters = 3 hardwood foresters (hardwood)

    4 hardwood sawmills = 2 hardwood cutters / 3 hardwood foresters(hardwood planks)

    3 longbowmakers = 8 hardwood cutters / 12 hardwood foresters (longbows)

    copper mine (copper ore)

    2 copper smelters = 1 copper mine / 1 coking plant (bronze)

    2 toolmakers = 2 copper smelters / 1 coking plant or 0.5 coal mine / 1 copper mine (tools)

    2 bronze weaponsmith = 2 copper smelters / 3 coking plants or 1.5 coal mine / 1 copper mine (bronze swords)

    iron mine (iron ore)

    1 iron smelter = 2.5 coking plants / 2 iron mines (iron)

    1 iron weaponsmith = 2 iron smelters / 5 coking plants or 2.5 coal mines / 4 iron mines (iron swords)

    1 steel smelter = 2 iron smelters / 6 coking plants or 3.25 coal mines / 4 iron mines (steel)

    1 steel weaponsmith = 2 iron smelters and 1 steel smelters /6 coking plants or 3.25 coal mines / 4 iron mines (steel swords)

    Gold Mine (gold ore)

    1 gold smelter = 2 coking plants or 1 coal mine / 2 gold mines (gold)

    1 coinage = 2 gold smelters / 4 coking plants or 2 coal mines / 4 gold mines (coins)

    wheat field / farm (wheat)

    well (water)

    1 stable = 4 farms / 2 wells (horses)

    1 brewery = 2 farms / 1 well (brew)

    1 mill = 2 farms (flour)

    1 Bakery = 2 mills / 4 farms / 2 wells (bread)

    hunter (meat)

    1 butcher = 2 hunters (sausage)

    Quarry + stone mason (stone)

    marble quarry + marble mason (marble)

    fisherman (fish)

    * For stone and marble quarries you can use several masons per quarry.
    * For wheat fields, one field per farm is a must, a second is recommended as backup.
    * A fisherman takes fish in your fish spawn, with fish you can make buffs and musk deer fragrance
    * Wheat Fields does not use a building licence.
    * Wells don't use a building licence, but it will use a working settler.

    3 simple papermill = 1 pinewood cutters/ 2 pinewood foresters/ 2 wells (simple paper)

    1 finesmith = 1 copper mine (nib)

    1 intermediate papermill= 2 hardwood cutters / 3 hardwood foresters / 1 well (intermediate paper)

    1 lettersmith = 2 iron mines / 2 coking plants or one coal mine (printing press letter)

    Expert Buildings
    these buildings have expert raw materials (ERM) required to produce.
    you get these ERM with adventures, trade missions and trader for gemstones.
    (...) = The erm needed for a twelve-hour-production.

    1 exotic wood sawmill = (60 exotic wood ) (exotic wood planks)

    1 titanium smelter = 2 coal mines (90 titanium ore) (Titanium)

    1 crossbowsmith = 3 titanium smelters / 6 coal mines (270 titanium ore + 360 exotic wood) (crossbow)

    1 Damascene weaponsmith = 2 titanium smelters / 4 coal mines (180 titanium ore) (Damascene swords)

    1 wheelmaker = 4 iron smelters / 4 coal mines / 8 iron mines (120 exotic wood) (wheels)

    1 carpenter = 3 exotic wood sawmill / 2 wheelmakers / 8 iron smelters / 8 coal mines / 16 iron mines (300 exotic wood) (carriages)

    1 powderhut = (216 saltpeter) (gunpowder)

    1 cannon forge = 4 powderhuts / 1 carpenter (240 saltpeter / 300 exotic wood) (cannon)

    1 advanced papermill = 2 wells (393 exotic wood) (advanced paper)

    1 ornamental smith = 2 coking plants or 1 coal mine (180 titanium ore) (book cover)

    non producing buildings, don't need a working settler required

    -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
    ░ tavern: here you can buy your generals, explorers and geologists
    ░ provision house: you put raw materials to other commodities, improvements and deposits
    ░ storehouse: this building increases your storage capacity
    ░ trade office: if you have placed this building, you can trade
    click for trading on the scales, and then the round green arrow
    ░ barracks: you can create armies to defeat enemy camps
    ░ residence: Increases your population capacity by ten settlers
    ░ guildhouse: if you want to start a guild, you will need this building, but without it you can join an existing guild
    ░ noble residence: population increases your capacity by 30 settlers
    ░ bookbinder: you make three kinds of books to improve your specialist skills
    ░ combat armory: here you convert raw materials to weapons that you will need to train troops for expeditions
    ░combat academy: here you train troops that you can send to an expedition

    special buildings


    * These buildings are for sale in the merchant for gems
    * These buildings do not require building licences and they wont take place in your building qeueu
    * Producing buildings do need a working settler
    * If you demolish these buildings, they will be listed in your star menu, you will loose all upgrades done for the building
    ░ noble residence deed, guildhouse deed, trade office deed :
    have the same function as described above
    ░ village school:
    Delivers every 2 hours a settler
    ░ watermill:
    produces water for free
    ░ recycling manufactuary:
    Produces coal for free
    ░ dear stalker hut:
    produces meat for free
    ░ frairy:
    produces as much as four beer breweries
    ░ silo:
    produces wheat to fill your field
    production time is as fast as you farm empties it, so keep in mind that the
    walking distance of your silo must be shorter than your farm if you want them to work efficiently
    ░ improved storehouse:
    has 3x the capacity of an ordinary storehouse
    ░ rarety provision house:
    produces map pieces, 3x improvements and greater deposits for your hunter and fisherman, you can also by some recipes to convert
    different resources into other recources or buffs
    ░ epic woodyard:
    When you purchase this building for beans or gems and build it, you'll get several quests to unlock all production possibilties or increase
    to the maximum capacity, you get this qeustchain 1x so your second purchase has the same opportunities as your first one
    the building has three production lines that can produce at the same time leave
    For each chain you have 7 choices
    - replenish pinewood
    - replenish hardwood
    - sawing pinewood planks
    - Sawing hardwood planks
    - sawing exotic planks
    - Coal making out of pinewood
    - Coal making out of hardwood
    ░ improved silo:
    it produces about the same amount as three ordinary silo's
    ░ granite pit:
    produces granite, is refillable but if it gets depleted then you will lose the building
    ░ exoctic wood tree nursery:
    produces exotic wood, is refillable but if it gets depleted then you will lose the building
    ░ fish farm:
    produces fish out of nowhere

    epic buildings
    * These buildings can be obtained using magic beans or magic bean stalks in the merchant epic items

    ░ gold tower:
    produces from wheat coins
    ░ fairytale castle:
    makes magic bean stalks out of magic beans, but only if the building is lvl5
    ░ magnificent residence:
    accommodation for 500 settlers

    buildings adventures
    ░ white castle:
    residence for 50 settlers, earn it with stealing from the rich / lakeside treasure
    ░ dark castle:
    residence for 100 settlers, win it at black knights
    ░ witch tower:
    residence for 100 settlers, you can win it with dark brotherhood / raging bull
    ░ hospitable bone church
    residence for 100 settlers, you can win it at whirlwind
    ░ pirates residence
    residence for 50 settlers, you can win it by outlaws/ more secluded experiments (followup adventure that you can earn with secluded experiments)
    ░ special gold mine:
    is a lvl6 gold mine and refillable, but collapses when the deposit is empty and won't return to your star menu, you win with motherly love and riches of the mountain
    ░ noble residence deed:
    residence for 30 settlers, and is upgradeable to lvl5 (70 settlers), you win with old friends (followup adventure that you can earn in wild mary/whitch of the swamp)
    buildings in invasion of the Vikings (this will cost 1495 gems at the merchant):
    ░ frozen manor:
    residence for 140 settlers
    ░ arctic iron mine:
    is a lvl5 iron mine and refillable, but collapses when the deposit is empty and won't return to your star menu

    buildngs 'limited trade offer'
    ░industrial iron mine:
    is a lvl7 ironmine and refillable, but collapses when the deposit is empty and won't return to your star menu
    ░industrial gold mine:
    is a lvl7 goldmine and refillable, but collapses when the deposit is empty and won't return to your star menu
    Last edited by tipex; 04-30-15 at 02:17 am. Reason: second adv that gives a goldmine

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    special thx to faica110 for the translating check up

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    thanks - i didn't know adv still dropped some of these buildings any more (pirate res etc)..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciara_Belle View Post
    thanks - i didn't know adv still dropped some of these buildings any more (pirate res etc)..
    me either
    There is only one like me! The original captain! CAPTAIN_CHRIS!

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    I didn't either until I got one the other day after hundreds of times doing Outlaws.

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    ooo ya they still drop too

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