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Thread: Guild Quests - Overview

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    Guild Quests - Overview

    Guild quests are one of the benefits available to guilds. The reward for guild quests is guild coins, which can be used in the premium market in the guild section to purchase available items or can be traded like other resources. The guild market section changes approximately every 6 months, and in the past, the players have had some involvement in the decision making process for the items available.

    Each guild quest is given as an overall quest, with an individual sub-quest for each active member. There is a reward given for the individual completing their sub-quest, which is one-eighth of the total player amount. The general reward, the remaining seven-eighths of the total player amount, is given to all players who received the quest, regardless of their completion status. Guild quests can be in waiting status if they are issued before the current quest is given, and the individual quests cannot be done until it has moved out of waiting status.

    Player Level            10 – 18           19 – 25            26 – 35              36 – 45                46 – 50
    10–20 members           2 + 14            4 + 28             6 + 42               8 + 56                 10 + 70 
    21–35 members           3 + 21            5 + 35             7 + 49               9 + 63                 11 + 77 
    36–55 members           5 + 34            7 + 49             9 + 63               11 + 77                13 + 91 
    56–100 members          9 + 63            11 + 77            13 + 91              15 + 105               17 + 119
    Numbers are given as individual + guild reward, in guild coins

    There are two factors that are used to determine how the guild quests are assigned. First, the total number of players in the guild is used to determine the difficulty level of quest given and the level of the amount of the reward. This includes all members, whether active or inactive. The second factor is the number of active players in the guild at the time the quest was given. For the overall guild quest to be completed, 80% of the active member, at the time issued and rounded up, must do their individual sub-quests. An active member is defined as one that is online within the twenty-four hours proceeding the quest being issued. The players assigned to a quest does not change once the quest is given, so it will not change as players change their activity status. This can result in significant lag when there are waiting quests, as newer guild members or those recently returning to active will not be included in guild quests until the proceeding quests are completed or deleted. Conversely, guild members who have gone inactive will continue to be counted as part of the guild quests that were issued while they were in active status. However, if a player leaves or is removed from a guild, they will no longer count as part of the active number, and the total required number will adjust accordingly.

    Generally, the difficulty of the guild quest increases for both the total number of guild members and the individual player level; although this difficulty may vary between the different quest groups and is only a general trend. The guild quest can be deleted by the guild leader, or by anyone given the ability through the guild administrative interface, located under the guild shield icon. The quest can be deleted by the leader opening the quest scroll, and using the 'x' icon next to the quest name. Only overall quests can be deleted, not individual sub-quests, and removing the active quest will allow a waiting guild quest to move to active status.
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