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Thread: New Microsoft wireless mouse wheel won't zoom in/out

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    New Microsoft wireless mouse wheel won't zoom in/out

    My old Logitech mouse packed it in so I replaced it with a Microsoft 4000 wireless mouse. Since then, I am unable to zoom in/or out with the mouse wheel while playing TSO. The strange thing is that the mouse wheel works perfectly with everything else. I have checked the mouse config and all looks correct. If I boost the mouse wheel scroll speed to maximum - TOS will zoom in/out intermittently if I roll the wheel very quickly. I've cleared the browser and flash cache and restarted my laptop several times.

    Has this happened to anyone else? What else I can I try (besides getting another mouse) to correct this?

    PS - the mouse wheel also won't scroll through any of the TSO selections with scroll bars (Star options).

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    Sorry to hear that, I love the zoom ability with a wheel mouse. I cannot speak for the MS mouse, I have been Logitech only for about 10 years. The Anywhere MX works fantastic in TSO.

    I am not aware of any options in TSO for such a thing. Perhaps MS has a program manager for the mouse? I know you checked with other programs, but were any of them Flash based?

    Good luck with that.
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    Could you provide more system information, including the version of windows you are using and the browser (and version) you are using to play The Settlers Online?
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