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Thread: Verdaeni's list of enhancements

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    Verdaeni's list of enhancements

    Firstly, let me explain my background because people with no experience often
    request things that are exquisitely awful to program. I did my twenty years in
    unix admin and tools programming before beoming disabled. Which is where I
    first started to write guides. So all my enhancement request are meant to be
    those that can realistically implemented with the least problems, and the most
    bang for your buck.

    I also worked in system test and I can tell you, the more 'tickets'/'problem
    reports' received by a tem gets a higher priority. Problems have a higher
    priority then enhancements, unless the enhancement is going to make a lot
    of misc problems go away. So if you agree with my enhancements, please
    put in a ticket too. Some of mine have been implemented, though I don't
    know they didn't think of it first, and I will update this occasionally and remove
    anything that has been taken care of.

    I've noted which ones I ticketed already as I won't put in more then one a day
    and sometimes I get creative.

    This list is also available under ENHANCEMENT REQUESTS on my list of links

    1. (ticketed)
    The 'blue pencil' names of the generals have been added to the text above them
    on adventures. (Thankyou). However when going to move troops, you can only
    see the type. If you are just moving 'empty' gens back for refill its not too
    bad because they have no men, but if you are moving between active adventure
    and guest adventure it is almost possible to figure out who is who when you
    have 3 hardened, 3 , 2 mma, 3 tavern generals to keep track of.

    2. (ticketed)
    We were discussing if sciencing up our explorers is really worthwhile but
    due to the fact that the mail saying our goodies are not marked, we can't tell.
    Yes, it says skilled or not, but I have some skilled up for adventures, (the
    eggy ones just to keep track) and some skilled up for treasure, and im not
    sure what im getting from 'artifacts'. If the mail coming back contained
    the 'blue pencil' name of the explorer, if it exists, it would be a big help.

    The mountain/rubble removal is wonderful! again, give those people a raise.
    sure it had problems in the test area at first, but (i was a programmer) that
    is why we have a test server. Unfortunately you can't buy enough of the two
    different demo guys to get rid of ALL the rubble and mountains. You are
    losing out on income here guys! Pure gem buy. Allowing us to buy some
    during events, or as a guild buy or just let us buy all we want, would be
    fantastic. Remember,they are gem buys so its instant cash to pay the horrific
    net costs I know you incur.

    Additions to the economy meter. First let me say that the economy meter is
    so great that everyone who worked on it should get a raise. THANKS! One
    sub requests, there is an offfical guide to the TO that i have in my links,
    but an official guide to the economy meter would be great. Its a little
    hard to figure at first, even if the quests take you through it quite well.
    Secondly, its great so you can find all you say, tools makers, and see which
    are buffed and which need to be upgraded, and then leads you to them. Esp
    as we cannot rotate the map and things get hidden behind trees. This function
    is so wonderfull, finding the things, I would like to request that although
    they are not normal workhouses that some things be added.
    Firstly, residences and nobles. I found a months old level 1 noble sitting
    there under a tree only by accident. Even at leavel 2 it took me fifteen
    minutes looking around to find it again. If residences, nobles, schoolhouses
    and even storage were listed just so we could find them it would be so
    very much help.

    It would be really useful to have a restack command. I've had them in other
    games. Say I hit the 400 marbles in my star and hit to restack, and BAM
    all the marbles show up in one stack. Please please please.

    Friends list item 1
    Calling the list 'friends' causes a lot of expectations that we in help chat
    have to soothe people over. Please change that. In fact, you could upgrade
    the split between guild and friends, and make it guild, friends, contacts
    and all.
    Friends list item 2
    This caused the most excitement when I brought it up in help. Its horrendously
    difficult to find people after playing 3 years, unless you know their level.
    We are tired of going through and through... sigh. We would all like to have
    an alternate sort completely by alphabetic without worrying about level.

    Beggars corner
    Many of us blow off a bunch of resources just so we can get the ten million
    tiny resources out of star and into storage. We would rather this go to the
    new players esp who have not had a chance to get into a guild. Perhaps
    under 17, or 25. I thought of a way this could be implemented into the
    current TO. Which btw was a relly excellent job! Give those people a
    One could implement a special 'trade offer' only open to under 17, where
    they put in they want (no more then 500) of something and the price is
    a 'beg'. Then we can also see if the same people are overloading the system
    with begs. Then when my storage is full, i could sort through using the
    system, looking for 'begs' and giving them resources as I please. One
    might even gain beg points one can either wow your friends with or to trade
    in for some special statue or achievements. As an ex programmer, i think
    this would take the least amount of changes to the TO as is possible. One
    mostly needs to implement a 'beg' of which you don't check how many we
    have, one always has a 'beg' to pay, and to restrict under 17 to asking for
    it as a price.

    8. Stackable buffs
    I am aware that trying to stack a buff that 4x for 12 hours on top of a
    buff that is 2x for 3 hours, is a programming nightmare. Hoever it would
    be possible if you could stack a buff IF it is of the exact same type.
    Not hard,
    'is this the exact same type'
    'if' add hours to buff length
    'else' send a refusal text

    9. That 'tip' to refill your mines before running out causes havoc in help
    where we have to explain NOT to do that. I understand its marketing, but
    it actively works AGAINST the players best interest and we in help are
    tired of telling players to resend the geologist and you guys are causing
    the chaos and sometimes they dont believe us. Someone rage quit over it
    the other day. Can you stop that?

    find me at
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    Hello Verdaeni,

    Thank you for your suggestions, that's a really nice list!


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