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Thread: Hope to have some explaination on colony searching

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    Angry Hope to have some explaination on colony searching

    I've been continiously searching for large(tier 1) granite or titnium ore colony for a week now. Never found one. If I knew earlier the rate is possibily less than 2%, I wouldn't do it at all. But nobody knows. So I hope dev. could give us some idea on the rate of finding gran and *** ore colonies. It's not a good game experience to waste a week's searching resources and my three explorers' time for nothing, especially during Christmas event.


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    Uh, tough one.

    I will claim that there is something like a...uh.. phase. Or phases to be precise.

    Well, first off the sad thing. Everyone on your friendlist, aka friends and guildies, cannot be attacked, so anyone you've ever bought an ls from and haven't deleted again from said list...and they happen to "PvP", then you basically reduced your chances yourself. Because BB reasons and stuff.

    The phases I'm claiming...
    I observed it the first time during the end of easter and then again around september. Albeit being T1 small colonies (where the most competition is) to go around en masse, I couldn't find many to any expert colonies, pretty much even biased on those as well, with ***/granite being the least found and ewl/gold a bit more often but still sparse....
    For all I could collect data, nothing has changed from one phase to another, the only thing that was consistant was me taking over ***/granite colonies only for as long as I did expeditions and I was "in the right phase". Then, just overnight, it becomes near impossible and get shafted with the "wrong phase", which seemed to last a good month or so....timeframe is a rough guess as I wouldn't send out explorers for expeditions as much anymore, pretty much skipping it an entire week entirely and then send a set of 2 or 3 every few days once or twice to see where I'm standing.

    Just one of those many problems with expeditions that have been passed over for a year and will be for another decade or 5.

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