Sammy's Lost Legion - current membership at 50 - seeks to merge with 1 or more smaller guilds to approach the maximum 100 members and make the daily guild quests more rewarding for all.

We boast our share of 15 advanced players over Level 50 (2 players at 60+) and many active players still working in their later 30's and 40's to reach 50!

That means we have guildies riding on multiple Babas and Tailors on a daily basis - facilitating "in-house" swaps for guild members and free loot spots on all other adventures.

No entrance fee required. I will personally pay for the new memberships.

Contact our guild leader Cliffdwella if interested or give me a shout out.

We do prefer to cling to our name - but all other aspects of the merger will be freely and generously resolved.