Here's my take on RB. Hopefully this guide will help take the risk out of the blocks and add another 50% experience to every run versus the standard quick loot RB. Each attack will list [troops][min. time on blocks/max time on attacks][average losses]. All primary attacks are done with MG unless noted. This guide includes 3 optional attacks (noted in color) which add about 8,000 experience.

Generals requiured: MG, 2x MMA, 3x tavern
Optimal rollout: 1119r 124b 1m 58s 301c 183e 138xb 280k (includes extras for overlapping attacks and errors)
Minimal rollout: 1075r 124b 1m 58s 147c 125e 138xb 160k
Average losses: 1049r 120b
Total experience: 24,720

Garrison 1

Camp 1: 120 Nomad, 80 Composite Bowman
48r 147c 25*XB* (mma) [43r]
48r 1e 190c 31*XB [45r]

Camp 2: optional 30 Lance Rider, 100 Nomad, 50 Composite Bow
BLOCK 58e 67c 120sec
get target ready and wait 5 seconds before sending next attack

Camp 3: optional 70 Lance Rider, 20 Riding Amazonian, 80 Riding Bowman
171r 99k 30sec [154r]

Camp 4: 60 Lance Rider, 90 Nomad, 50 Cataphract
137r 133k [125r]

Camp 5: 90 Lance Rider, 100 Cataphract
BLOCK 57s 124e 120sec (send to Camp 7 to be intercepted)
get target ready and wait 1 second before sending next attack

Camp 6: 110 Nomad 50 Cataphract, 40 Riding Amazonian
1r [1r] (send to Camp 7 to be intercepted)
get target ready and wait 5 seconds before sending next attack

Camp 7: 100 Lance Rider, 70 Nomad, 30 Cataphract, Uproarious Bull
130r 1m 1s 1e 137k 80sec [67r]

Some more details and hints for this attack
  • don't rely on the drumroll sound (it can sometimes lag)
  • zoom out far enough so you can see your general and the target
  • this doesn't have to be done at breakneck speed, but don't dawdle (the most common failure is trying to run too fast)

This fist set is the most difficult, but it also has the biggest gains:
  1. grab the 1st general, target the camp and send it
  2. grab the 2nd general, target the camp, wait 1 second and send it
  3. grab the last general, target the camp, wait 5 seconds and send it

When the first general reaches point 1, the second general should be at point 2 and the final general should just be leaving camp at point 3 (as shown below):

Garrison 2

Camp 8: optional Lance Rider, 120 Nomad
86r 160k [80r]

Camp 9: optional 50 Lance Rider, 50 Nomad, 80 Riding Bowman
BLOCK 106e 23c 120sec

Camp 10: optional 80 Lance Rider, 60 Riding Amazonian, 40 Riding Bowman
196r 1e 73k 30sec [184r]

Camp 11: 100 Cultist, 100 Firedancer
61r 75b 84k (mma) [61r 72b]

Camp 12: 70 Cultist, 50 Shadowsneaker, 80 Firedancer
1r (mma) [1r]
54r 1e 155c 10k (mma) [48r]
1r (mma) [1r]
54r 1e 205c 10k [50r]

Camp 13: 20 Dark Priest, 80 Shadowsneaker, 100 Cultist
BLOCK 3s 46e 96c 120sec

Camp 14: 80 Cultist, 120 Firedancer
111r 49b 110k 100sec [111r 48b]

Note: be sure to remind anyone tagging to bring 4 cav or a MMA/Drac

Garrison 3

Camp 15: 100 Cultist, 40 Shadowsneaker, 60 Firedancer
BLOCK 1r [1r]

Camp 16: 80 Cultist, Dark High Priest, 50 Shadowsneaker, 70 Firedancer
1r (mma) [1r]
126r 1e 5c *138XB* [125r]

Here's some more details on this final attack

Based on:, Caldazar, Evil_J, Drevil44, ldevitt3, and others

If you have any suggestions or find any errors, please feel free to let me know.

**upped the recruits on camp 3, thanks jedi4dinner