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Thread: Never say goodbye

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    Never say goodbye

    Dear Settlers,

    I am writing to announce a major change in the Community Management team of The Settlers Online.
    For almost two years I have worked on The Settlers Online as a smurf. I started in June 2014, after taking over the American server from our beloved BB_Rawren and BB_Susurously, of the North Carolina offices. It is now my turn to say farewell and continue my journey, maybe settle somewhere else.

    I am pleased to introduce you to my successor, BB_Sarrunah an who will take care of Community Management. She posted something below, feel free to message her and say hello! I have no doubts that the Community will be in good hands.
    Thank you everyone for the good moments, and I hope I was up to the task when you most needed me. It was fun working with you all. I would also like to thank all moderators (yes, even you ) for everything they did for the team and the Community.

    So long,
    BB_Endesmor & BB_Endesmor2

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    Dear Settlers,

    My name is Stephanie, but youíll get to know me as BB_Sarrunah and Iíll be your new Community Manager.

    Although Iím fairly new to The Settlers Online, I have been working for the past few years on other online communities.
    Some of you might even recognize me from Anno Online.

    Iíve been a gamer since I was a kid and love playing all kinds; from RPGs, FPS, casual games to good old fashioned board games.
    Iím looking forward to being a part of this community, and getting to know everyone.

    If you ever have any questions, suggestions or even concerns, donít hesitate to let me know.

    Happy Settling,

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